Start using a new approach for a bigger muscle size! Here’s the best one handed triceps workout!

increase muscle strength and growth in weaker armIt’s time for you to try something new! A new workout that will shock the muscles is the best way to increase the muscle size and strength! Do you want big tricep muscles? Well try this fresh one handed triceps workout!

You should start using more of this one handed approach when it comes to training your body parts because that’s when you emphasize on each muscle rather than making one of them sustaining more weight, thus you can grow symmetrical and obtain a natty physique!

Sure, if you go one handed with this cool triceps workout, it will take longer to finish it but it’s more effective! While you rest your left/right triceps you can train the other one and that’s how you can reduce the time spent in the gym but also get big tricep muscles!

Here’s the fresh and effective one handed tricep workout:


System Of A Down – Innervision

Today I’ve renewed my mp3 player’s list and it seems that one of my new favorite songs for workout is System of a Down’s Innervision! Wanna keep yourself motivated with your training sessions? Well just go hardcore with Innervision in your headphones.

System of a Down touches that bodybuilder part of yours which wants to get big muscles and that doesn’t let you down!

They’re one of the best Nu Metal bands out there and Serj Tankian is a great singer with deep voice! Remember the lyrics from this workout song:


Rich Piana – What he really eats!

real dietAs you’ve seen in most of my articles, I put a lot of emphasis on a good workout and diet; Yes, today, I’ll just go a bit through the diet part.

Every pro bodybuilder who gives nutrition tips in youtube videos and etc., does it with his main supplement sponsors in mind and forgets to tell you about his steroid intake but Rich Piana tells everything as it is, including the fact that he uses Synthol and takes steroids!

Yeah so, our big Rich Piana just wants to tell us the truth, he’s already rich and he doesn’t need money from anyone (here’s Rich Piana’s true source of money or income); That’s a good thing because he can’t be bought that easily and we can know what’s really happening in the bodybuilding world.



Bodybuilding intensity and emotions! This is what pro bodybuilders go through every day

If you’ll watch this youtube video, you’ll see that bodybuilding is a demanding sport which can give you a lot of satisfaction but the thing is that, first, you have to train like these pro bodybuilders and endure that same pain from those last reps!


motivational video

In order to get big muscles you have to go through gruelling workouts and eat right, to forget about always having fun and just keeping a strict workout and diet with lots of sleep!

Some of you guys will laugh when you’ll see these bodybuilders crying but you can’t understand how’s it like to spend your whole life training and eating right, focusing on just this sport; The only time when a bodybuilder is really happy, is when he places in the top 5 contestants or even wins bodybuilding competitions.


5 top tips – What not to do in the gym when it comes to chicks!

what not to do at the gym when you like a girlHi guys, I know we are males and we like women but when you go to a gym, you’re not going over there to pick up girls! Yes, you will notice beautiful gals in the gym but you should not try to approach them if they don’t even look at you!

They’re there to train and get in shape, not to be bombarded with cheesy pick up lines; Here are some top tips about what you shouldn’t do around girls in the gym:


Drake – Worst Behavior

Do you see the title? Do you know what that means? Yes, today you’ll have to be on your worst behavior! It’s time for some serious training at the gym in order to get those big muscles.

These songs for workout are simply awesome and today’s workout song from Drake is a good motivational thingy :D .

Eat some more and drink up your coffee or take in that pre workout, let’s go and train some legs today. They’re a crucial part of your body, the part which gives you stability, high testosterone levels and a great symmetric physique, don’t wish for chicken legs, cause you’ll hate them!


Shocking or not, Dorian Yates took steroids for 12 years! What do you think of his side effects

taking steroids for 12 yearsEverybody knows that professional bodybuilders take steroids, especially those who compete at the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding contest, but they never quite admit it; Today, not only that you’ll see Dorian Yates admitting the fact that he used steroids, but you’ll also hear for yourself what side effects he experienced after going on them for 12 years!

What were the positive and negative effects of steroid usage for Dorian Yates?

He used growth hormone to increase muscle mass and minimize body fat but when combined with steroids, Dorian got the maximum potential out of this kind of medication, thus big muscles on a leaner physique and brute force.

Dorian Yates used steroids since he was competing in amateur bodybuilding contests and the only side effects which he felt, were:


Incredible top 10 tips to stop eating too much!

incredible tricks to stop eating so muchA lot of people have eating problems and that’s why, in most of the cases, you get fat! If you want some good diet tips, you should watch this youtube video with 10 incredible ways to stop overeating, thus stopping gaining unwanted weight.

The thing is that you will not have weight issues if you keep going to the gym and lift some heavy ass weights. Of course that if you combine some intense workouts with cardio and even some fighting lessons, you’ll get the best physique with a low body fat even if you eat a lot!

If you’re into sports, you’ll definitely burn calories and you get calories from eating so you can do the math, but, if you’re just a couch potato, you can follow these 10 diet tips to cheat your way into a healthier way of eating!


This is how Planet Fitness discriminates intelligent bodybuilders with their gym commercials! Click and read

gym membership problems with bodybuildersFirst of all, let me start by saying that Planet Fitness isn’t a gym dude! Yeah, you can train for 10 bucks but they have stupid gym rules that inhibit your hardcore workout, thus your muscle gaining process!

How the f$%ck can you gain muscle mass when you’re not allowed to grunt and drop the heaviest weights down on the floor, after doing those last two reps which make a difference between having a bodybuilder body with big muscles and being just a “fit” person? Planet Fitness isn’t even for those who enjoy crossfit!

What’s with the Lunk Alarm? I understand that some people are just focused on the way they look more than the way they think but Planet Fitness just knows how to discriminate anything! Those who think that all bodybuilders are meatheads, are terribly wrong, did you know for instance that the mighty Jay Cutler, a Mr. Olympia winner for several times, got a degree in criminal justice?


Chevelle – Hunter Eats Hunter

Hi there guys, I’ve come back with another great workout song from Chevelle, to be more precise, from their new album! It’s called “Hunter eats hunter” and it’s kind of hardcore, just what the doctor ordered for some great workout sessions :D .

For the past 14 days I was on a break from going to the gym and it felt like the days wouldn’t pass without me thinking about a hardcore workout, that kind which gives you the best of muscle soreness.

Today was my first chest day in 14 days and I must say that besides the fact that my strength wasn’t at its peak, my body felt exhilarated; Going to the gym is another way to be productive and also get rid of the stress and anger which grows inside in time.

With the help of songs for workout like this one from Chevelle, you can be certain that you’ll get back on your feet when it comes to growing big muscles and gaining strength like a true bodybuilder, even when you’re feeling down for some reason.