Martyn Ford’s workout and diet plan for Undisputed IV: old school bodybuilding vs. MMA stamina

Hi guys! Who’s into mixed martial arts or an Undisputed movie series die hard fan? Yeah, I know, it’s all about illegal prison fighting where buffed up fighters with big muscles from every prison would gather to see who’s the best and as in every other movie, you’ll get someone in the spotlight!

In Undisputed 2 you had Scott Adkins as the villain Yuri Boyka, “the most complete fighter in the world” as he would say and even though he was a bad guy, he somehow managed to please the audience and in Undisputed 3, he became the good guy! Everyone wanted to see a next installment of the Undisputed series and now we’ve got it!


A lot of people went crazy in order to get to look like Yuri Boyka and for a while, Scott Adkins’ s workout and training routine article was a hit!

But now, in Undisputed 4, we’ve got a massive villain called Koshmar! Koshmar’s role is played by Martyn Ford, an 6’8″ (2,03 m height) ex cricket player who turned into a fierce bodybuilder filled with tattoos! In order to keep his bodybuilder body, this beast has to maintain an intensive training routine and he’s keeping the old school bodybuilding style: the heaviest weights he can find, cardio and resistance training days plus some mixed martial arts training.