Stop doing these chest training mistakes for better muscle results!

worst-chest-training-mistakes-in-the-gymIt seems that both the gym beginners and those advanced weightlifters do a whole bunch of chest workout mistakes that somewhat block the muscle gaining process. Listen to me carefully cause this is why your chest isn’t growing as you would like to!

Yes, you might think that those advanced gym guys know what they’re doing but sometimes, because of the fact that they want to experiment, they try to “invent” new ways to perform the basic chest exercises, new ways that are bad and can also lead to injuries and it’s better to do a chest workout with light weights rather than look at people training!

So here are the worst workout mistakes when training the chest muscles:


Flume – On Top feat. T.Shirt (Official Music Video)

Let’s have a great workout today with one of the awesome songs for workout with which you’ve been used to. Flume gives us a great training tune called “On Top” and the video is also cool!

All of you who really want to achieve greatness in bodybuilding, must keep a constant motivation ’cause you can’t do anything if you’re not a dedicated motha fucka’!

Do you feel good about yourself when looking in the mirror? Doesn’t it seem that you might get even more bigger?


One simple but precious tip per muscle group is all you need for great workouts!

Yes, sometimes building big muscles comes to a halt even if you stick to your regular workout and diet but the thing is that maybe you aren’t paying the same attention to details like the way you’re lifting weights or keeping that correct form when doing exercises; That’s why you should use these simple but effective workout tips per muscle group!



When it comes to training the shoulder muscles you must know that a well developed shoulder can be seen from far far away even if you’re dressed or just flexing and posing while being half naked; A pretty darn good training tip for training shoulders is to not block the arms when doing shoulder presses! You must leave the elbow in a slightly bended position.


Interesting fact that’ll make you eat more white rice than brown rice!


Every big bodybuilder will say that if you want to have a good diet plan, then you should eat a whole bunch of brown rice because it’s perfect for a bodybuilder diet, but is it? What about white rice? Why do gym people avoid it?

Brown rice is a slow digesting carb and a bodybuilder’s best meal choice while white rice can be harmful if you want lean muscle mass because of the fast¬†assimilation and sudden insulin release inside¬†the body.


Grow lean muscles with these top 4 meat free high protein sources


Growing muscles with meat isn’t an option anymore!

There might be bodybuilders who are afraid of getting colon cancer from eating too much meat and then you have the vegetarian bodybuilders who don’t eat meat!

The most important question which results from these facts is: “how do I get big muscles without eating meat?”

So, most of them, get very good answers that can satisfy anyone’s needs for a proper muscle building diet without meat. Here are the top 4 meat free high protein sources that you should try:


Black Sabbath – War Pigs

Hi there friends, it’s time for some cool workout music!! Is there a better rock band than Black Sabbath to entertain you and give you that gym mood?

Yeah brah, I know you want a lot of songs for workout for your constantly changing taste in music and that’s why today you’ll get the “war pigs” song from Black Sabbath as your gym tune!

Is it me or war pigs can give you the chills? Sometimes I get goose bumps while listening to it! Go on and add this tune to your mp3 player, you won’t regret it, it’s good for running too :D.


How did Robert Zuver’s gym became famous? Is it the best “homemade” gym in bodybuilding history?

bob-zuvers-how-it-all-begunHi there muscle addicts, I know how a lot of you guys just love bodybuilding and learning how to get big muscles but today I have something new and interesting from the history of bodybuilding, even more way back than the Arnold Schwarzenegger era!

Yeah, It’s all about the ultimate gym in bodybuilding history, Bob Zuver’s gym, a place which is so famous that, if you somehow stumble upon a legendary weight plate with Zuver’s logo on it (an original one), you can sell it with as much as 40 $ per lb.! Let’s see how it all started!


What does Jay Bednar eat to get those muscles?

jay-bednar-diet-plan-for-lean-muscle-massJay Bednar is “just” a NPC super heavyweight champion with big muscles for those who don’t know him. This big bodybuilder obtained some good rankings in various bodybuilding competitions like the 2012 IFBB North American Championships, 2012 NPC Europe Supershow Championships and etc.;

A lot of guys are out there, trying to get that bodybuilder body with a perfect body fat and carved like muscles, but you know what? You have to be somewhat special to obtain some street cred in bodybuilding, yeah that bodybuilding world and Jay Bednar is trying to gather a little bit of that from every bodybuilding competition, maybe someone will notice him !

Are you curious to know what’s Jay Bednar’s diet plan to look like that? Here are the most important foods from his fridge:



Here’s what a male fitness model does to get featured on famous magazine covers!


Everyone wants to be a male fitness model but do you know what they go through to get their photo on famous magazine covers? Here’s what Ryan Terry does in order to maintain those big muscles, perfect condition and lean but healthy looking body!

As we all know, getting lean muscle mass isn’t that easy but if you also want to get a god like physique, a body like Ryan Terry’s, you’ll have to train for years and then, after you learn how your body reacts to different workouts, you’ll get to sculpt whenever you want, that male fitness model physique which is worthy of being featured on magazine covers which pay a lot of $$$ !


The Pack ad – Haunt You

Are you in the mood for a great workout today? Well, if yes, you can spice it up with songs for workout like the one from The Pack ad – Haunt you!

Upload this tune on your mobile phone or mp3 player and put those earbuds on! Listen to me if you wanna live a life filled with gratification!

This workout song will haunt you even if you don’t listen to it anymore and what can I say more, rock & roll rules!

You can also use some motivational photos or training videos to get to that point where everything goes quite well in your bodybuilding journey to gain strength and muscle mass like those pro bodybuilders which you see in supplements ads!