Martyn Ford’s workout and diet plan for Undisputed IV: old school bodybuilding vs. MMA stamina

Hi guys! Who’s into mixed martial arts or an Undisputed movie series die hard fan? Yeah, I know, it’s all about illegal prison fighting where buffed up fighters with big muscles from every prison would gather to see who’s the best and as in every other movie, you’ll get someone in the spotlight!

In Undisputed 2 you had Scott Adkins as the villain Yuri Boyka, “the most complete fighter in the world” as he would say and even though he was a bad guy, he somehow managed to please the audience and in Undisputed 3, he became the good guy! Everyone wanted to see a next installment of the Undisputed series and now we’ve got it!


A lot of people went crazy in order to get to look like Yuri Boyka and for a while, Scott Adkins’ s workout and training routine article was a hit!

But now, in Undisputed 4, we’ve got a massive villain called Koshmar! Koshmar’s role is played by Martyn Ford, an 6’8″ (2,03 m height) ex cricket player who turned into a fierce bodybuilder filled with tattoos! In order to keep his bodybuilder body, this beast has to maintain an intensive training routine and he’s keeping the old school bodybuilding style: the heaviest weights he can find, cardio and resistance training days plus some mixed martial arts training.


All about order 66 and Jason Genova! Who is this weirdo and what was his video response after being slapped by Rich Piana?

Everybody heard about Jason Genova, the bodybuilder nerd that also seems a little mentally unstable, a guy which got even more popular on the internet after he got slapped by Rich Piana on camera! But Rich had his own reasons for doing that!

So, what’s with Jason Genova? Why is Jason Genova so famous on youtube and on the internet ?!


Jason Genova’s video response after being slapped by Rich Piana


99% accurate way to find out your real body fat percentage with a in depth video presentation!

Hi there folks, don’t be mad at me for not writing this whole time, but I really don’t know what happened in my personal life, anyway, let’s get started with today’s topic! Those who really are into building lean muscle mass without fat, surely do keep track of their diet plan and what not!

Scheduling your meals, your workout and your resting time is a must if you want to get a shredded body and also big muscles! But how do you measure the level of lean muscle mass or as others say it, how do you find out your real body fat percentage?

the most accurate method to calculate body fat levels

First of all, what is this body fat and what does it show to the average Joe who spends some time in the gym or to the competitive bodybuilder?


What Are the Effects of Smoking Cigarettes on Muscle Gain?

jackedguysmokingYou’re probably fully aware how bad smoking is for your health so you don’t need to be patronised by being told it causes lung cancer, but for whatever reason, whether it be social pressure or full-blown schizophrenia, you’re smoking a 20 deck a day. What effect, if any, is this having on your progress in the gym?


Getting Swole at Home – The Must Have Equipment for a Home Gym

7133869667_9cc143b7ca_zWe all have our excuses when it comes to not going to the gym – the membership is too expensive, it’s too far, I don’t want to lug my gym bag to work and many, MANY more.

The solution to avoiding these excuses is to create a workout space at home. Not only will you no longer have to carry your stinky workout gear around with you, but the convenience, privacy and not needing to wait for that one person who always seems to be on your machine is so worth it. Even better, depending on your budget, it can be done in a relatively small space for a lot less money than you’d think. Here are the top five in home gym equipment to get you started.


Great Protein Sources for Vegetarians


Image credit: Wikipedia

Regardless of our sex, age, religion, background and all the other categories we might (not) fit into, one thing we all have in common is an attempt to stay as healthy as possible. Being a vegetarian and a vegan means having to face more challenges when it comes to staying fit and healthy. One of the questions vegan athletes often face would be: ‘where do you get your protein?’ as if people forgot that plants produce proteins too. It is difficult to place kale and broccoli on the same shelf with meat and eggs, but read on and find out more about ‘green protein’ and where to find them.


Going Organic with Your Protein Supplement


Using raw organic protein in your everyday diet is an excellent choice for building muscle, and it is better to use unprocessed and raw ingredients as you get more nutritional value out of it; furthermore, it is better to prepare your own mixture at home with raw ingredients. Also, it is a popular choice among vegans and vegetarians. Usually these proteins are from natural resources and the proteins are safe to be used by almost anyone, even those sensitive to gluten.


Here’s the best muscle building product ever! Hilarious teleshopping parody

teleshopping-gym-equipment-parodyMost of the beginners or gym newbies are constantly wondering what’s the perfect piece of gym equipment that can help them build big muscles in no time and the answer is so simple!!! Anything can be used to get a somewhat bodybuilder body and you can see this from the next funny teleshopping commercial fooor, THE WALKER !

Yes, of course, any household object can be used to grow in strength and obtain muscle mass, you just got to eat and sleep. When you choose the best homemade gym equipment, you just got to be able to try different things with it.


How to train traps and back muscles in the same time for maximum growth

train-traps-and-back-in-the-same-timeA lot of people tend to neglect some of the smaller muscle groups from the body such as calves, forearms and traps but here’s how to double your traps in no time just by training your back muscles.

If you’re lacking on traps don’t worry ’cause everything has a solution!

In order to increase the muscle size in traps, you usually gotta’ go heavy with the weights and double the amount of time spent for training them separately but with today’s top training tip, I guess you’re wondering how to train traps and back in the same time and the answer is pretty easy:


Gang Starr – Moment Of Truth

Gang Starr are other masters of rap music who made great songs for workout and the “moment of truth” is one of them too! Great tunes will always motivate you along your journey to get big muscles or to overcome a lot of other obstacles.

The lyrics from Gang Starr’s great workout song are quite good for the bodybuilding scene:

They say it’s lonely at the top, in whatever you do
You always gotta watch motherf%^kers around you
Nobody’s invincible, no plan is foolproof
We all must meet our moment of truth

Yeah, the lyrics have a lot of truth in them, every Mr. Olympia gets overthrown, any kind of success in bodybuilding has an ending and that’s why you must profit as much as you can from that bodybuilder body on which you’ve worked for years and years!