Hugh Jackman`s Workout


hugh_jackman_new_york_city_blogAt age 40, Hugh Jackman has a frame packed with hard muscle mass while being leaner than at any time in his life.He trains at the crack of dawn because research suggests that people who train in the afternoons consistently do workouts of far less intensity than those who do train in the morning.
A typical Jackman workout takes an hour to 90 minutes, including warm-up and cardio sessions.His personal trainer Mike Ryan bases the weights workouts on big compound lifts and adds some twists, so Hugh does basic core bodybuilding moves like squats, deadlifts, presses, but changing angles on the bench, playing with the tempo, time, rest.

You can do these workouts like so:
– Warm up first with ten minutes of cardio and light bodyweight movements.
– Do the pairs of exercises as supersets, performing one set of the first exercise, then moving immediately on to a set of the second exercise.
– Rest for 1 minute before repeating.
– Choose a weight that you can manage with perfect form, but which leads to muscular failure by the end of the final set.
– Take one second the lift the weight, pause for another second, then take two to three seconds to lower again.
hugh-jackman-body-back Mike Ryan`s tips:
-Train in the morning where possible – it’s the best way to ensure intensity.’
– ‘Always warm up sufficiently – not just with cardio, but by doing the movements before adding weights.’
– ‘Work on ‘progressive overload – always keep increasing the weight, and keep a training diary to record your progress.’
– ‘Mix things up – constantly change the tempo, speed, incline, grip – anything so that you’re not always performing the same movement.’
– ‘Feel the movement – focus on each muscle activation rather than simply aiming to finish the set.’
– ‘Work with a trainer – it will help with motivation.’
– ‘Don’t overtrain – learn what your body can cope with.’
– ‘Get plenty of rest – at least seven hours of good sleep a night.’

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  • Real steel muscles says:

    hugh jackman was just awesome in real steel, i still could see his muscles under his t-shirts, he ‘s a shredded guy with nice pumping veins

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