6 Time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates Getting Married


Dorian Yates is getting married!

Here’s a quote from the man himself:

“I will marry my fiancé Glauce Ferreira. Glauce is from Brazil and won the IFBB South American Bodyfitness event; she was also the IFBB World Bodyfitness Champion 2007. We met at the Arnold Classic in 2008 and have been inseparable ever since. Obviously it was her beauty that initially caught my attention, but I was really captivated once I found out what a wonderful person she is on the inside as well. Wish us well!”

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12 Responses to “6 Time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates Getting Married”

  • Six Pack Abs says:

    Lots of helpful stuff on this site. Right now I’m focused on getting rock-solid six pack abs. It’s my personal goal these days. quicker I’ve been told that egg whites, oatmeal, salmon, blueberries and broccoli are all important to incorporate into my diet. Anything else I’m not thinking of?

  • admin says:

    chicken breast? water :))

  • Man I wish my blog was as well written as yours! 🙂 great work! I guess I am still learning and started on a tough topic, weight loss!

  • Great site. Gives me the motivation to lose weight this year. I hate being fat lol

  • I can’t figure out how to subscribe to the comments via my reader . I want to keep up to date on this, how do I do that?

  • admin says:

    try on rss http:/muscle.iuhu.org/feed/

  • Blackshear says:

    I just can not leave from your blog post before just saying i definitely enjoyed the quality information that you present for your readers… Will be back frequently to check on unique stuff you posting!

  • Newark says:

    Hey mate, greetings from the States !

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  • Wedding news says:

    yeyyyy dorian yates is getting married

  • Natasha Iurinova says:

    i’m so glad that dorian yates finally is a husband he got married yeaaa

  • Antoine says:

    F*ckin tremendous thing here, dorian yates the winner of olympia is getting married omg

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