Big Biceps mistakes:Too much isolation!


I think I speak for every man when I say we all want big biceps. Even guys who have big biceps want bigger biceps!The first big biceps mistake is too many isolation exercises.

Compound and Isolation
Compound exercises move the body through more than one joint movement, while isolation exercises only move the body through a single-joint movement. The king of all compound exercises is the squat. The squat uses many major muscle groups and bends at you ankles, knees, waist and hips. A big bicep compound exercise would be a chin up, bending at your elbows and shoulders.
Isolation exercises work only one muscle or muscle group and only one joint at a time. One Example of isolation exercise is the biceps curl.

Why compounds will help you build big biceps.
If your goal is building muscle mass (which it must be to build big biceps) compound exercises should make up the core of your weekly routine.I`m not saying that to stop you from doing isolation exercises, but use them to compliment your big bicep compound exercises.Compound exercises allow you to lift heavier weights and work more muscle groups at the same time than isolation exercises. This saves you precious time in the gym while stimulating the maximum amount of muscle fibers. In addition, compound exercises, due to the increased amount of muscle used for the movements, are better at sending your endocrine system a “distress call” to pump out more anabolic hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone.

A good mix of compound and isolation
Pretty much all big bicep compound exercises incorporate your back muscles. So it makes sense to work your biceps on the same day that you work your back. This will make it easy to incorporate compounds into your bicep workout because most back exercises are actually bicep compounds.

A good sample of big bicep building routine
This routine is suitable for those of you who are training each muscle group once per week. If you are hitting your muscle groups twice per week, then drop cable curls off of the routine.
-Wide grip chin ups 3xfailure
-One arm dumbell row 3×10-12
-Cable row 3×10
-Close grip chin up (palm facing towards you) 3×10
-Standing barbell bicep curl 3×8-10
-Standing dumbell curl (twist) 3×10
-Cable curl (1 or 2 arm) 3×10
In this routine we see that there are 2 key bicep comound exercises and 2 isolation exercises. Our compound exercises are the close grip chin up and dumbell curl with a twist at the top of the movement. Our isolations are barbell and cable curl. That sample routine is a good routine for building muscle mass and big biceps. Using this routine your biceps get a solid workout because they are used in every one of these exercises (secondary muscles in the back exercises).
You Know Now What To Do So Go And Grow Some Big Big Big Biceps!

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3 Responses to “Big Biceps mistakes:Too much isolation!”

  • Crystal Maynard says:

    Haha, Thanks for posting! I really enjoyed the report about biceps isolation. I’ve already bookmark this article. 😀

  • biceps florida says:

    i must renew my bicep workout, cause i use isolation exercises too often so i`m doing a big biceps mistake

  • sokolpetrov says:

    Weightlifting supplements supply your body with more nutrition in order to develop the power, strength and size of muscles especially biceps.I am worried about this since i am over weight to begin with.

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