Free Weights Or Weight Machine?


You have made the decision to finally get your body in shape.You want the convenience of a home gym. Now you need to decide which is going to be best for you, free weights or a weight machine. Which will give you the best muscle gain? Free weights(dumbbells, barbells) seem to have a slight edge over machines and here’s why:
Because you use different muscle groups with free weights, research seems to indicate you may get stronger with free weights over a machine. Working out with free weights also mimics your natural movements. Using free weights also allows for more varied workouts. A weight machine limits you to movements allowed by the machine.Weights take up less space than machines and tend to be less expensive. They are also extremely low maintenance. Since they come in all sizes you only need to buy what you need at the time with weights and can add on later. Weights can be stored more easily as well, you don’t need to dedicate room or floor spaced for them, and they can easily be stored in a closet.

On the other hand, machines have a few advantages as well. There is no set-up and take down, all you need do is move a pin to change your weight. Exercise machines may be a bit safer than weights because the weights are never directly in line with or over the person using them. If you are doing presses and slip, you will not be injured (or worse) by the falling weights. So you don’t need a “spotter” with a machine. So weight machines may also be good for your goal to build big muscles.Circuit training is easier on a machine, due to the ease of changing setups.Which is better for your muscle building workouts? Deciding which is better, weights or machine may just be up to personal preference.
The best way to decide is trying each and decide what factors are most important to you.

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