How to Get a Bikini Ready Body!


Every summer you need to get fit don`t you? 🙂 Well here is what you need to do `till then.
Don’t drink fruit juices or juice-based products while “dieting”.
Try to have a intake of 25 to 35 gm of fiber per day.
If you get hungry, eat a few ounces of protein to tide you over until your next meal.
Eat at least two servings of fish per week to get healthy fats.
Spice up your food with red pepper, which boosts metabolism.
Drizzle sugar-free syrup over cooked carrots for a sweet treat.
Drink green tea liberally – it helps burn fat.
Try no to let yourself get bored, stressed out or depressed, if possible.
Outwait your food cravings. They generally last no longer then 10 minutes.
Distract yourself with a nonfood related activity, such as exercising, reading, surfing the net etc.
Make a list of 25 things to do rather then eat, and keep it handy for times when you feel tempted to eat (before meals).
Freeze strawberries and other berries. They take longer to eat and provide a candy-like treat.

If you`re bloating try these herbal remedies:
Horse Chestnut
Uva Ursi

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