Killer Shoulder Workout


You must be at an intermediate level in order to try this workout.This shoulders workout is a 3 weekly cycling workout designed to pack some mass on your shoulders and traps. The routine comprises on 3 individual workouts, one for each week. Muscle shocking techniques like drop sets, slow reps and supersets are also used.
Remember this:
1. 5-10 min warm up and stretch before each workout.
2. Strict technique on all exercises. (see shoulder exercises)
3. Aim to improve at least one aspect of your workout each week.

Week 1 – Heavy Killer Week

Week 1 we’re looking to go heavy on the compound exercises for 8 strict reps. Lateral and reverse fly exercises should be done slowly with ultra strict form, weight is not important. One minute rest between sets.

Week 2-Traps Shock Week

Traps superset: Upright row with heavy weight for 8 reps, then straight into barbell shrug with the same weight. Very important that you hold the top position for a count of 4 and lower slowly. This gives you a rep timing of 1-4-2. The weight should be light to shrug, so do as many reps as possible.
Shoulder exercises: Strict for and slow rep timing on all exercises.

Week-3 Shoulders Shock Week

Superset: Heavy presses for 8 reps (you should only just be able to push out the last rep) then straight into barbell front raise for 12 slow reps. Rep timing for barbell front raises is 2-2-2. This should burn!
Drop sets: Start off with a weight you can do for 8-10 reps and drop down doing maximum reps on each weight you drop to. Aim for minimum 3 drops.


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