water-glass-tapIn nutrition, water is more essential than food itself, for a person may live for weeks without food but only a couple of days without water.Half of your body`s weight is water, and this fluid is necessary for the functioning of every organ and a body and is a structural component of cells.
When cells lose the water they lose their shape. It plays an important role in digestion and absorption as well as circulation and is essential in the regulation of body temperature, lubrication of joints and the movement of waste material.Water is the carrier of nutrients through the body.
Water is lost in four different ways:
– through the skin
– through perspiration
– from the lungs as water vapor
– from the kidneys as urine and from the intestines in the feces.
The weight of a person may vary by as much as two kilograms (4 lbs) within 48 hours due to the changes in the amount of water and salts taken in and excreted and that`s why if you`re a boxer you should take advantage of this tip, it may help.
Dehydration can be fatal, which emphasizes the importance of water in the body. It is that it has been said that we can lose all our reserve of glycogen, or all reserve of fat, but that a loss of 10% of body water is serious and as a loss of 20 to 25% of body water can be fatal.

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