When to Consider a Weight Gain Successful


Your weight gain diet must do two simple things to be successful at helping you put on lean muscle weight.
-It must provide you with calories in excess of your maintenance amount.Your maintenance amount is that amount of calories your body uses to fuel it’s energy concerns. It is when the body has calories beyond this amount that it has the ability to either store these calories as body fat or use them to build muscle.

-It must supply the body not only with plenty of protein but also adequate amounts of carbs and fats. While the amount of calories you take in will be responsible for deciding whether or not you gain weight, it will be the types of calories you take in, as well as when you take in these calories, that decide whether this weight materializes as the muscle you desire or the body fat that you don’t.

Your weight gain diets will ultimately decide not only if you gain weight but whether or not that weight is muscle or body fat.

No bodybuilding supplement, not creatine or even anabolic steroids, and no weight training program, has the ability to build muscle without you providing it the raw materials to do so through your weight gain diets.

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