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Kim Kardashian`s Self Discipline Bracelet

At the gym where Kim Kardashian usually works out in Los Angeles, Greg Miele was wearing a bracelet that said: "self discipline." Kim asked him what was that about and he told her that he wears the bracelet to remind him to be disciplined. "When you consider eating something you shouldn't, or do something you shouldn't, you snap it on your wrist and get back to being focused." Kim Kardashian loved the ideea and immediatly wanted one. It`s quite a good ideea isn`t it? :)

Dorian Yates Has A Short Workout!

Dorian trains for only 45 minutes, but it's Intense! You can feel it ! He uses three exercises per bodypart, three sets each. The first two sets are short of failure, while the last one is an all out effort to failure with assistance from his training partner. High Intensity Training (HIT) is a form of strength training popularized in the 1970s (first by Arthur Jones of Nautilus and Medx fame). Its principles are: -progression (the trainer adds more weight to the bar/machine session each se...