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The New “Danabol”

After Dianabol (Naposim) from Romania was discontinued in 2009, the new and improved Danabol appeared. Now it has 10 mg per pill so it`s double the dose that was in the Naposim pill. To maintain your muscle mass you should take Proviron after the cycle.

Jay Cutler`s Therapy

The training needed to be a three-time Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic champion puts a lot of wear and tear on the body.In addition to stretching before, during and after training, Jay Cutler used a wide variety of physical therapy to overcome the trauma from years of intense, heavy training.Chiropractic SessionsWhat: : Adjustments to hips, neck, lower and middle back.Function: Keep body operating at high level.Duration: One hourFrequency: Once per weekCost: FreeDeep Tissue MassageWhat: An aggr...

Death Cab for Cutie-Meet Me on the Equinox

Death Cab for Cutie-Meet Me on the EquinoxIt isn`t quite for working out but it has something nice.. :)