Lady Gaga`s Workout And Diet Plan


Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta aka Lady Gaga in the last 2 years had a huge succes in her singer career.
Lady Gaga is hot, nonconformist and has a great body but all that looks are not easy to maintain, and she invests a lot of money and physical effort to stay in that gorgeous Lady Gaga way.

Workout Description

Lady Gaga`s trainer, Harley Pasternak is the writer of “the 5 factor workout”, that Lady Gaga is using in her training routine.The workout consists in barbell dumbbell combination weights,
jogging, jumping rope and a circuit training routine.
Harley Pasternak:

  • Step 1: Gaga does her 5-Factor workout with a HarleyBar, workout bar created by me. That’s a cool barbell/dumbbell (DB) combination she travels with.
  • Step 2: Warm-up with a five-minute jog.
  • Step 3: Do the following three exercises as a circuit. Three times for 25 reps each set – DB back Rows – which train your upper back and posture muscles, DB deadlifts, which target your hamstrings, thighs and butt, and Sides bends, which work your love handles and obliques.
  • Step 4: Five minutes of skipping rope.
  • Step 5: Eat healthy! Gaga follows my 5-Factor World Diet plan. She’s really loving the new recipes in my book the 5-Factor World Diet.

Still it looks like Lady Gaga`s workout is definitely paying off.

Lady Gaga`s Ab Workout

She begins with a basic crunch, but Lady Gaga adds variety to the very basic exercise by moving into a reverse crunch – lifting her knees towards her forehead using her abs. Sometimes Lady Gaga combines the two into a double crunch – lifting both ends of her body towards her center. On a show, Harley Pasternak said :“It’s mainly about eating the right foods, doing the cardio and burning the fat on top of the abs.”

Harley Pasternak`s “5 factor workout” Short Video Resume During A Show
5 factor workout

Lady Gaga`s Diet

Lady Gaga explained to the Daily Telegraph on February 18, “I’m on a very strict healthy pop star diet. I don’t eat bread, just vegetables and salad and fish. Eating like that is much better for me anyway but on Sundays I sometimes eat pasta”.

I hope you enjoyed reading Lady Gaga`s Workout And Diet Plan.

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25 Responses to “Lady Gaga`s Workout And Diet Plan”

  • danny_hotzu says:

    hmm..interesting.What about the rumour with her ugly legs?u forgot to post those photos! 😐

  • admin says:

    yes you are right, but i found out why she had bruises and everything, it seems like she had trained very hard for a concert and had a quite few falls at rehearsals :))

  • danny_hotzu says:

    oh i see now..this explains everything 🙂 thx alot for the reply…and keep up the good work !

  • admin says:

    you`re welcomed 😀

  • acdc freak says:

    wow i seey no muscles of biceps of whatever!

  • Thank you for your help!

  • yummmy……. thx for your share i’d love to follow u~~~~

  • Great article. I’m her biggest fan and now I focus all my weekends working on a fan blog for HER. Did you know that she has a kid?

  • admin says:

    no i didn`t 😐 omg

  • al12 says:

    Lady Gaga’s quite strong given her body size but she could nvr match up to Madonna or Gwennie when it comes to a battle of strength. Yes, she has a great body and i commend her for that but if i were her trainer i’d tell her to be a vegan.

  • detox loves lady gaga says:

    Sorry for the small review, but I’m really loving Lady gaga`s body, and i really like her workout and diet plan

  • I have frequented your site before. The more I visit, the more I keep coming back! ;~)

  • I love Lady Gaga, hot abs hard workout 🙂

  • Lady Gaga more popular than Barack Obama on Facebook! Now isn’t that something?? LoL, gaga has a good workout and i will try her diet plan

  • Lisa Wayne says:

    amazing stuff thanx lady gaga`s workout and diet plan is absolutely precious for me i want to look like lady gaga

  • Dennise Hartsfield says:

    Lady Gaga is my favorite artist with great body. I want to have a body like lady gaga. She does silly things at times but I still love her!

  • Dan Mistep says:

    gaga has abs workout whole body workout diet plans everything.. but she has money for that

  • Irimial Leti says:

    i saw lady gaga at a concert and she had a super cool body it shows that she has a strict diet and workout

  • Micah Lankard says:

    Exclusive News!Lady Gaga was ugly and very skinny before that diet and workout . 🙂

  • Larisse Meredith says:

    i find lady gaga a great great singer and a lovely little lady with beautiful body thanks to that diet i guess

  • lady gaga kill deal says:

    Outstanding! way to go lady gaga i love you your body and your crazy outfits ! keep that training for a body that s in good shape

  • lady G says:

    I do believe that lady gaga must be a goddess with that lovely body

  • Darnell los Alejandro says:

    Nice one, i bookmarked this page on Digg under “Lady Gaga`s Workout And Diet Plan – Muscle Gaining”. Keep up with the good stuff.

  • new york visitor says:

    excellent lady gaga post.. hot photos with her too

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