Man Died From Synthol


After injecting too much Synthol.. he got a nasty infection and died at the hospital. It is sad but we have to learn something from this! Be careful with what you`re injecting and if you are not fully aware of the negative side effects don’t try Steroids or other muscle enhancers like Synthol.
A very bad way for a man to suffer and die.

What do you think about synthol? Did you know that synthol can be used for cars and trucks? Is the human being a steel machine? I guess not and you can die from it!

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10 Responses to “Man Died From Synthol”

  • Lady Gaga is wonderful and does not deserve any of the abuse she gets. There will always be pretenders but Lady Gaga will be around for keeps

  • Yuki Curylo says:

    i will bookmark this blog now, thank you!

  • LFS says:

    Darwin Price for died man.

  • Yo says:

    He deserved it. And every idiot who abuses his own body for these aberrant and pretentius purposes.

  • admin says:

    I agree with you on half of the ideea :)) synthol is badd baddd

  • Synthol die says:

    Horrible.. that man died from synthol.. people just don`t take synthol! evoid it it`s bad and it can kill u!

  • frank says:

    come on!! how can ppl inject oil to their bodys
    in that way -.-

  • admin says:

    yes frank.. they can and they inject that synthol with pleasure i might say, sad..

  • say no to steroids says:

    what a way to die from synthol.. steroids are so bad why do they use them

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