The Best Bicep Exercise


The best bicep exercise is the standing barbell curl.

The full range of motion makes it be a great factor because your arm goes from being fully extended to fully curled but the most important factor that makes this exercise to be the best muscle builder for your bicep is the amount of weight you can use in your routine because the heavier the weights you lift the stronger you become and the faster your bicep muscle grows.

Even though this is the best bicep exercise, you still have to use it in conjunction with other bicep exercises for a complete bicep workout.

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5 Responses to “The Best Bicep Exercise”

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  • I agree about what you said that the heavier the amount of weight you ca use everyday the faster your muscles grow and also the stronger you are. But for the first timers it is best if they can start in the lowest weights for big biceps .. biceps exercises are rudimentary and you move the arm up and down 😀
    Mark Martinez

  • admin says:

    yes mark i totally agree on that, but you need progress don`t you 😀

  • Qiana Motley says:

    Thanks for the interesting content about biceps. This really is the best biceps exercise

  • Nothing like a big biceps says:

    best bicep exercise.. haa there is no such thing as a best bicep exercise. I m doing it in my way!

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