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Arnold Schwarzenegger Today

I don`t understand all the fuss debating on Arnold Schwarzeneggers body today.Arnold Schwarzenegger in his youth, was a great bodybuilder no doubt, but when he announced that he will leave the bodybuilding world what did you expect? He focused on other things than bodybuilding, like: family his career as an actor politicsand i agree with him. Now Arnold Schwarzenegger is 63 years old and still hits the gym regularly, but what do you think an 63 year old man can do? Not much i can tell ...

Funny Steroid Poem

Steroid steroid be my friend Make me big`n strong cause it`s in trend, Buying steroids is this a fact? Popular ones sell like crack. Side effects who gives a crap? D-bol, testo, anavar Stacking steroids takes me far. When your balls get shrunk to death, Take some Clen to protect. Come on guy don`t be shy Take some roids, you shouldn`t die. Make me happy, don`t do drugs, Synthol is oil for cars and trucks. by yours truly Admin