Maximize Grip Strength


maximize gripWhen you`re starting to lift heavy weights, your grip strength increases enough as the rest of your body but sometimes it doesn`t so you should consider some exercises to maximize your grip strength:

  • first of all grip and squeeze the bar as tight as you can and hold through your set because this activates more muscles and you will see that you have more strength and better form
  • at the gym, rub your hands with chalk it will maximize your grip
  • take your normal deadlift posture and grasp the bar with a double over hand grip. During training, use this grip until you can`t hold the bar anymore, then use your normal grip to finish your workout.
  • use hand grippers it`s simple to use them, and they help you to loosen up if you`re stressed
  • another technique to maximize your grip strength is to do the farmer`s walk.
  • There are much more grip strength tips to follow but these are simpler, and they will do wonders for your grip.
    Start maximizing your grip now ! 😀

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  • Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!

  • Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

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