Ups `n Downs in Bodybuilding Part 1


My passion for bodybuilding started really as a cliche if i can say, after i saw an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie ” The Terminator”.
When i saw the movie i was 14 years old and didn`t know anything about this world of bodybuilding and how to build muscles, i just thought that Arnold was born with those huge muscles.
After i saw it i went to my parents and told them: “I want those muscles” and they said something like: “Ooh no, they are so ugly and grotesque” but i knew the fact that Arnold`s body was like an grecian ideal with a statuesque presence and the perfect dimensions.

Three years later i finally got the chance to go at a gym and i loved it!

My first session involved training the tricep and bicep. I remember it like it was yesterday, the sensation, the feeling, the rush.. just like Arnold Schwarzenegger described it in the movie “Pumping Iron” :”..blood is rushing through your muscles, the muscles get a really tight feeling like your skin is going to explode any minute and it`s really tight like someone is blowing air into it, it feels different, it feels fantastic. ”
The next day was followed by a huge soreness and i heard from my gym instructor that soreness was a great thing, cause that means you stretched to the max your muscle fibers.

At that time i didn`t knew what to eat like proteins, carbs etc. in order to increase your muscle size. I just knew i had to eat a lot. So everything i got my hands on, got directly to my stomach.
I forgot to tell you that i was a skinny guy, and when i say skinny i mean skinny to the bones.(see pictures)
After i tried some workouts and some types of supplements like proteins, aminoacids, vitamins i realized that i was overtraining and i heard about that fact on the internet because i began reading everything about muscles and i absorbed the information like a sponge.

I told you about overtraining because my gym instructor kept me for 2-3 hours in the gym and made me go through all the gym equipment that was there so all the hard work and all the money spent on supplements were for nothing, i just got a little more fat and i was tired all the time.
But i lie when i say i had no real benefits, in time my strength increased considerably and that was a positive factor that made me continue bodybuilding.. (to be continued)

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5 Responses to “Ups `n Downs in Bodybuilding Part 1”

  • M. says:

    Wow…This is really interesting. Keep up the good work! I can’t wait for part 2.. 😀

  • admin says:

    it will be soon!

  • Omer Ganga says:

    I need some advice for my blog….I like your layout. Can you help me? 1 5 4

  • k1 says:

    good job, keep going! I wait the second part…

  • Pisic says:

    This is great ! i love your story…i`m waiting for the follow up… >:D<

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