Ups `n Downs in Bodybuilding Part 3


egg, beef, chicken, cheeseAs you have seen in the photos from part one and two i`ve put some muscle mass.But i was greedy and wanted more and more. People at school really started to annoy me with their foolishness.
I hate people that talk from heard abouts when they see that you got some muscle mass.

For example people usually asked me something like:

  • “hey man, do you take proteins (supplements)?” Like proteins are some kind of steroids or something, i mean you get proteins from eating regular meals!
  • Some people are so dumb sometimes. Another example with protein supplements and muscle mass:

  • “hey Johnny after you stop going to the gym, your skin is going to get mushy and you will look like a flob.” Not even steroids can do that to you, you morron! (there are special cases when you don`t have a strict diet and you don`t sleep enough, you don`t have a schedule with the number of meals per day etc.)
  • somebody told me me that he got from a supplement store some aminoacids ( okay aminoacids are processed proteins that go directly into the body without forcing the liver to process them). And do you know what he told me? He said: “Omg man, those aminoacid pills are so huge” and he showed me his fist as a measure of comparison 😐 . For the record one aminoacid pill is smaller than a finger nail but bigger than a regular pill, just more thicker.
  • Something else that really made me laugh, but i didn`t try to explain him that he`s wrong:

  • “I got a huge energy from that aminoacid pill, i was so strong and i could stay in the gym all day without needing to rest” When i heard it, my first thought was a stack of steroids, energy drink and a good 2 hour sleep before going to gym, and you know what? All those things in just one aminoacid pill :). It was the PLACEBO EFFECT!
  • other people think that if you`re big (have some muscle mass) you know how to fight and they try to use you in fights or just to intimidate someone.
  • Another question that bugged me was:

  • “Are you on steroids?” and no, i wasn`t at that time.

    Stay tuned, the next part will be about me when i started using steroids effects and others.. (to be continued)

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    6 Responses to “Ups `n Downs in Bodybuilding Part 3”

  • John says:

    to see some of the pros and cons of taking supplements you should watch this…:-) lol

    Funny but true!!! 🙂 🙂

  • Arab muscle :)) says:

    This story sounds familiar :)) :>

  • admin says:

    very funny :))

  • Pisic says:

    i love this stories about ur life…It is very exciting for me to read all this even though i don`t know about steroids and this stuff. 😐

  • I thought that was very informative. Thanks for the cool content. I’ll keep following this.

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