Ups `n Downs in Bodybuilding Part 4


Today i will talk about how i started taking steroids. I have been researching a lot on the net about steroids, benefits and side effects and after 3 weeks i had to choose between testosterone and dianabol (naposim).

The fact that testosterone is injectable didn`t scare me but, because it was illegal i couldn`t just go to a doctor and put him to inject it to me and i didn`t knew how to make a proper injection on my own.
I was afraid of touching a blood vessel or my sciatic nerve.. so i decided to choose dianabol (naposim).

Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted to use dianabol (naposim) and that was encouraging wasn`t it?

I knew all about the side effects and that it could affect my liver or the kidneys but i was willing to take a chance. After i told my friend Jim, he started telling me more and more things that i didn`t knew and he showed me examples.

Jim wasn`t pro or against it!

He made me promise that i will think about it and so i did. After another week i started searching for providers and didn`t have enough confidence in them. Jim helped me get 5 packs of dianabol (naposim) with 20 pills per pack and that meant i would of get 5 pills per day:

  • 2 in the morning
  • 2 at lunch
  • 1 after training
  • I got 1 after training because the level of testosterone grows at its max in the evening and along with it grows the level of estrogen and with dianabol`s (naposim) help, the level will pass some barriers and the risk of gynecomastia gets higher too.
    So it was easy to think about it.

    Was it worth it?

    I guess yea.. because if i was following a strict diet i would of been shredded and godlike 😀

    Instead this is what happened:

  • i ate a lot of french fries and fried meat. Did you know that fried chicken and fish have more fats than other meats, and if you boil and grill them the fats are minimum?
  • i didn`t drink plenty of water, just coke a lot. I was drinking 2 litres of coke a day (for maximum calorie intake).
  • i didn`t rest that much because i was foolish

  • Did you hear about steroid rage and gynecomastia?

    For me it was a real fact, once at school someone said something and i cracked and jumped at him and started a fight.
    Water retention was another side effect of dianabol (naposim).I felt like a sponge. I was euphoric all the time because i just felt great from the pills. My hair remained the same, but gynecomastia was pronounced with dianabol (naposim), still i had gynecomastia since i was 12.

    I got huge and powerful

    Another month passed and i`ve got from 62 kg to a considerable weight of 87 kg. From all that muscle mass of 25 kg, 15 were of fat.
    I`ve fought with Jim and i was on my own. I started to have lots of work at school and for two months i stopped training. I missed the gym so much :(.
    But everything got much better in my life.. summer came and i really had performance, but about that in another part ( to be continued)

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    3 Responses to “Ups `n Downs in Bodybuilding Part 4”

  • hotzulik says:

    true true 😀

  • Tona Santorelli says:

    You have to believe in yourself . Thats the secret of success even in bodybuilding.

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