Fish Oils Can Inhibit Muscle Recovery


Inhibition In Muscle RecoveryFish contains high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids, which inhibit prostaglandin synthesis, and that`s bad for muscle growth and recovery because prostaglandins are important for building muscles. I won`t talk about prostaglandin but instead i will talk about the fish oils that can inhibit muscle recovery in immobilized persons.

Researchers from the Food and Nutrition Department at Seoul National University examined the effect of fish oils on muscle recovery in rats.
The rats were assigned like so:

  • a fish oil group (rich in Omega 3 fatty acids)
  • the other group was assigned to a corn oil diet (high in Omega 6 fatty acids)

  • The rats were immobilized for a few weeks and after the immobilization they were allowed to exercise their muscles. When a person is immobilized for certain reasons as fractures etc. the muscle that isn`t used anymore is going to atrophy, and in our case with these rats, the scientists are interested in the fastest way to rejuvenate and repair that muscle with a low degree of inhibition.

    When the rat is allowed to exercise, the muscle has tension placed on it again and the researchers can examine the degree of inhibition in muscle recovery.

    What type of fat inhibits less and allows for faster muscle recovery and muscle hypertrophy?

    Well after that experiment with the rats on corn and fish oil diet the results were something like so:

  • muscle weight and muscle protein content were restored faster by five days of remobilization in the corn oil group
  • muscle weight and muscle protein measurements did not significantly change until 13 days of remobilization in the fish oil group
  • In the article i saw some scientific details but this is what you need to know in large about this experiment; the findings (in rats) indicate that dietary fish oil inhibits the early stage of muscle recovery by suppressing the activation of anabolic pathway Akt–p70s6k signaling and prostaglandins synthesis.

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