Gerard Butler`s Workout and Diet Plan


Gerard Butler Workout and Diet Plan MuscleIn my personal opinion, Gerard Butler is a great scottish actor with charm and a funny person.. After filming the movie “300”, Gerard got famous i might say for his shredded body with well defined muscles (great physique), and now recently after filming “The Bounty Hunter” he also got a new girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston. I think they look nice together but Gerard Butler is picky with his girls and now he was seen with a french 29 year old lady named Laurie Chloewa.

All the muscles you see on Gerard Butler`s body are gained with hard work and dedication. As Gerard says in an interview for Men`s Health in the next video, it`s sad that he only trained for roles, for example in the movie “300” he combined weights with circuit training and Gerard really likes the rowing machine.

Gerard Butler also said:” When you combine weights with circuit training it`s a great way of building muscles but in a leaner way and also burning fat because you`re doing a lot of cardio as well, because you`re moving so fast, you`re lifting weights and you`re sweating like a stuffed pig”

Gerard Butler`s Interview For Men`s Health About His Workout And Diet Plan

But enough about his personal life and let`s start talking about “Gerard Butler`s Workout And Diet Plan”.

Gerard Butler`s Workout Routine

Butler hired Mark Twight a former world-class mountain climber who, based on personal experience, believes in training as if your life depends on it.
Also 5 weeks before filming “300” Gerard Butler took extra sessions with a venezuelan bodybuilder named Franco LiCastro in order to get a more well defined physique.

Gerard Butler Workout And Diet PlanGerard Butler`s Daily Routine

  • Pullups – 25 reps
  • Deadlifts with 135 lbs – 50 reps
  • Pushups – 50 reps
  • 24-inch Box jumps – 50 reps
  • Floor wipers – 50 reps
  • Single arm “Clean and Press” with 36 lbs Kettlebell – 50 reps
  • Pullups – 25 reps

Gerard Butler has done these exercises without rest between the sets so it`s obviously an advanced workout that you shouldn`t try if you are a begginer. I almost forgot, he did a lot of cardio as well.

Gerard Butler`s Diet Plan

In order to keep those muscles growing Gerard had a strict diet plan because you know that nutrition will play a key role in determining your success or failure with changing the way your body looks.
Gerard ate 4-5-6 times a day because if you leave your body without food more then 4 hours.. it gets in starvation mode and after his hard workouts, if Butler didn`t eat his body metabolism would of shut off due to lack of consistent nutrients.

To maintain his muscles Gerard Butler ate something like:

  • skinless chicken breast, turkey breast or lean ground turkey, fish and eggs for his proteins
  • whole-grain bread, multigrain pasta, oats, potato/sweet potato, and brown rice for his complex carbohydrates
  • canola or olive oil, avocado, almonds, flaxseed, and natural peanut butter for his healthy fats
  • green vegetables and drank a lot of water

That kind of concludes Gerard Butler`s Workout and Diet Plan, hope you enjoyed reading this information, and Gerard keep those muscles pumping and Jennifer Aniston is cute !

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8 Responses to “Gerard Butler`s Workout and Diet Plan”

  • Gerard says:

    nice workout is going on with gerard butler
    and the diet plan is nice too! thx dude 🙂

  • Reading through your blog gives me a chance to remember why I enjoy reading things with so much ideas. It is nice to know that there are still great writers out there that can put wit into knowledgable information. Thank you for your role and eagerness to reveal your thoughts with us.

  • I suppose Jenn’s lookin a little rough these days

  • Truman Gorz says:

    Jennifer Aniston is terrific in the Friends series…I wish they would bring it back and gerard butler with his great body he really is a god in the movie 300 with those huge muscles, nice to read about gerard`s workout too

  • Plugin Gerard says:

    Gerard butler has so many good roles in the movies and most of them require a shaped physique and he`s the one for the muscle roles, his workout rocks

  • muscle enthusiast says:

    hello admin, I found your blog from yahoo and read a few of your other posts and i must say i really enjoy reading these articles including gerard butlers workout and diet plan nice thinking

  • Sethelen says:

    I am grateful over this article about his workout and diet. I love hot men like gerard butler.

  • Gerard has clear skin says:

    gerard butler isn’t passionate about working out but he still is a damn good actor and he can have a stunning body whenever he wants.

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