If you do more crunches your abs will be hard


Wrong Crunches For Hard Abs WRONG! Your body deposits maximum fat on the belly and that is why it`s so hard to burn the fat from your abs quickly and easy (doing crunches for that muscle group). Further more, the muscles from your abs are a very small muscle group.

It`s more appropriate to practice jogging, swimming or cycling besides crunches to have stone hard and hot abs.
Up, down, up, down ! It`s a pity that doing crunches doesn`t help burning the fat from your abs in order to make them look stone hard ! 😀

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8 Responses to “If you do more crunches your abs will be hard”

  • Crunch myths says:

    the myth with do more crunches your abs will be hard is so old style old school training! cardio cardio and cardio for beautiful sculpted abs

  • Edison Marks says:

    I really pity girls which have to suffer all those miserable diets or intense exercise sessions to get a toned, nice bellies. It’s great for guys that when we need muscles we’ll get rid of our extra fat on auto-pilot, for an upkeep expense of your muscles. All I am saying is I am glad I am a guy and doing crunches is my life !

  • Christian Loimer says:

    but still i will crunch my abs out till the muscles pop inside

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