Muscle Atrophy


Muscle Loss TreatmentWhat is Atrophy?
Well when you refere to it as an illness you`re probably right because in many cases atrophy is the partial or complete wasting away of a part of the body and it`s caused by mutations, poor nourishment, poor circulation, loss of hormonal support but it also appears when you don`t exercise your muscles and it`s called muscle atrophy.

Muscle Atrophy
Muscle atrophy as i`ve said earlier, appears when you disuse your muscles and it`s followed by loss of mass and strength. For example if you have a hand in a cast you force your muscles from the hand to limit their movement so the atrophy appears because the muscle is no longer needed for the daily routine of grabbing, eating, washing etc..

There are many diseases and conditions which cause atrophy of muscle mass except that lack of exercise, diseases like AIDS or cancer that are notable for the severe muscle atrophy seen in their process called cachexia.

Another disease that causes muscle mass atrophy is sarcopenia. This muscle atrophy disease is known through elders because as you age, you have a gradual decrease in the ability to maintain skeletal
muscle function and mass and that`s because the satellite cells which help to regenerate skeletal muscle fibers have a gradual failure, or a decrease in sensitivity of the critical secreted growth factors which are necessary to maintain muscle mass.

Treatment for Muscle Atrophy
Some of the treatments are common among us like exercising with progressive weight to rehabilitate your muscle mass and strength.
Other treatments for muscle atrophy includes the use of functional electrical stimulation to stimulate the muscles and it has seen some succes through paraplegic pacients, or amino acid therapy for regenerating damaged or atrophied muscle tissue.

Holly Van Remmen from the University of Texas Health Science Center (USA) is currently researching an experiment on mice modified to prevent them from having a protective antioxidant. As a result of the lacking antioxidant, the mice lose muscle mass and function at a much faster rate than normal mice.
Holly Van Remmen hopes to find alternative treatments for muscle atrophy and halt the process of sarcopenia.

Muscle Atrophy Preventing Video

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  • hotzulik says:

    didn`t think that muscle atrophy can be so cruel

  • muscle offers says:

    hey i didn`t know that atrophy of muscle mass was so intense with the decrease in the ability to maintain skeletal muscle function, thanks

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