Nick Jonas Has Muscles


Jonas Brothers Muscle WorkoutThe Jonas Brothers were skinny in the past, but now their muscles ripp the t-shirts off them :D.. if Joe Jonas goes to the gym and has a great workout then all the Jonas family does that including Nick Jonas and they have quite some guns to expose (i mean muscles) :).

Jumping, running, being chased, you have to be pretty fit to do those things but on the stage the Jonas Brothers give their best to make the crowd be enthusiastic.

The Jonas Brothers are always on the road and that is physically demanding, especially with the fact that every country has different time zones. The Jonas Brothers have to be in their top health to be able to perform their best, so that`s why they started working out

Nick Jonas started lifting weights in 2008 i think, he`s a workout addict and he eats healthy i mean very healthy because at his money he hired a nutritionist and a trainer to gain those pure muscles and they follow him everywhere: gym, tours, concerts etc.

Nick Jonas is hooked on staying in shape since then `cause you know the feeling when you get muscles you want more and more.Jonas Brothers Muscle Workout

Do you know what i like at Nick Jonas?

Nick Jonas is aware of what he eats, puts in his body because when you get older the effects will show, so he doesn`t eat desert and he skips sodas to maintain his muscles with low fat. Nick Jonas has a daily routine wich involves gym workout, cardio (running), isometrics (core activation exercises).
So because he`s working out, Nick Jonas is stronger, more confident, has tons of energy and he`s always ready to rock !
I didn`t find too much information about his workout, and i apologize for that.

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2 Responses to “Nick Jonas Has Muscles”

  • Nice!! Cheers for posting this. I really like Jonas Brothers. Particularly Joe. Joe is the most my kind of guy.

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