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Attention! Too much fruit eating makes you fat!

From the start i have to tell you that ironically, in most cases only fat people that try fruit diets get fat and athletic persons remain the same because they need the caloric intake for the muscles but i will explain more, later in this post.Fruits are beneficial for health but excess consumption will only bring extra pounds !It`s true that fruits contain vitamins, fibers and antioxidants wich protect us from various diseases, but a large quantity of eaten fruits isn`t recommended even if you ...

Fort Minor – Remember The Name

Fort Minor - Remember The Name

Gerard Butler`s Workout and Diet Plan

In my personal opinion, Gerard Butler is a great scottish actor with charm and a funny person.. After filming the movie "300", Gerard got famous i might say for his shredded body with well defined muscles (great physique), and now recently after filming "The Bounty Hunter" he also got a new girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston. I think they look nice together but Gerard Butler is picky with his girls and now he was seen with a french 29 year old lady named Laurie Chloewa. All the muscles you see on Ger...

How to cure acne with nettle treatment

If you have acne and it bothers you because medicine doesn`t work you can try a nettle based treatment.Use the nettle in treatment under the form of steam baths or compresses with cold infusion (50g dryed nettle at 1 litre of water). Tincture fights seborrhea and dandruff, so 5-10 drops of tincture in 50 ml of water helps. You can apply it on wet hair, freshly rinsed with shampoo avoiding the mucose or burned areas.Nettle tea is another solution for acne, this tea having some curing power; it re...

Sweet Potatoes And Carotenoids

Sweet potatoes have been found to contain the highest level of carotenoids in the vegetable kingdom, and that's good because carotenoids enhance muscle cell recovery after workouts thus helping you to improve your muscle growth and carotenoids from sweet potatoes even fight viruses such as the common cold.Carotenoids (beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, gamma-carotene, and beta-cryptoxanthin) have vitamin A activity (meaning they can be converted to retinal), and these and other carotenoids can also ...

Kill Hannah – Lips Like Morphine

Kill Hannah - Lips Like Morphine

Hayley Williams`s Firm Breasts Trick

How does Hayley Williams maintain her breasts and chest area so firm?Hayley is training daily in order to maintain and improve her beautiful breast line.For that Hayley Williams resorts to some simple exercises that replace her armpit fat with muscles and thus giving the impression of firmness to her breasts. You can do this exercise while watching TV. In two weeks you will see the results! Step 1: Hold in each hand one small dumbbell (or even a bottle of water).Spread your hands 90 degrees late...

Muscle Atrophy

What is Atrophy?Well when you refere to it as an illness you`re probably right because in many cases atrophy is the partial or complete wasting away of a part of the body and it`s caused by mutations, poor nourishment, poor circulation, loss of hormonal support but it also appears when you don`t exercise your muscles and it`s called muscle atrophy.Muscle AtrophyMuscle atrophy as i`ve said earlier, appears when you disuse your muscles and it`s followed by loss of mass and strength. For example if...

Horror Bodybuilder Photo

The first time i saw this bodybuilders photo i was scarred, it`s just like from a horror movie isn`t it? Well take a look at this Horror Bodybuilder Photo! (he could kill you with those flowers, scarry :D)

Lil Wayne – Drop The World ft. Eminem

Lil Wayne - Drop The World ft. EminemWorkout song for the masses! Drop the world!