Beer, Muscle and Bodybuilding


Bodybuilding and BeerLet`s talk about beer and the damages of it on muscles in bodybuilding. First of all, if you occasionally drink a beer, don`t worry it won`t affect your dreams to get buffed up with big hard rock muscles!

Still you know Arnold Schwarzenegger`s line about drinking soda? That line can also apply in the case of beer (alcohol) or even steroids and junk food and it is:

“Why take something the body doesn’t need right now?”

Although beers are among the best alcoholic beverage choices in bodybuilding to preserve minimum progress in muscle building, the marketing is somewhat missing the actual nutrition point but low carb is what sells. The real benefit of beers is that they’re low in calories compared to many other alcoholic beverages.

If you’re going to have one or two beers forgetting about your muscles, the difference isn’t that big and if you’re going to have several beers, then the carbs can add up, but so can the calories thus minimizing progress in bodybuilding.. muscle failure :(.

Your best bet is to drink the light or low-carb beer you like best and do it with moderation and here are top 5 low carb beers:

“Top 5 Recommended Beers for Bodybuilding”

  • 1.Aspen Edge beer with 94 calories and 2.6 carb
  • 2.Michelob Ultra beer with 95 calories and 2.6 carb
  • 3.Miller Lite beer with 96 calories and 3.2 carb
  • 4.Coors Light beer with 102 calories and 5.0 carb
  • 5.Bud Light beer with 110 calories and 6.6 carb
  • Overall you really have to know something that is tough and hard on you but .. you shouldn’t drink any alcohol (beer) if you are serious about bodybuilding and muscle gaining, drinking completely destroys your muscle building efforts and having even just one drink can ruin a week’s worth of gains, so take it easy with those beers!

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