Excessive Water Consumption Can Poison You!


Excessive water consumption can poison meYou probably know that in bodybuilding in order to grow muscles and even rest them you need to drink a lot of water but remember something:

Excessive Water Consumption Can And Will Poison You!

Yeah, i know that your next question is about the quantity of water that can poison (intoxicate) you but the answer isn`t that simple.. the level of poisoning (intoxication) depends on weight in most cases but believe me, your body knows when you exaggerate with the water consumption and it will alert you!

Excessive water consumption or excessive quantity of water in the body can create health problems and although it is an extremely rare condition, if you get in this situation the symptoms will consist in cramps, blurred vision, mild headaches, confusion and convulsions.

In a serious stage, water poisoning (intoxication) can lead to complications that cause death and goodbye muscles! When the body receives too much water, the kidneys can`t process the excess water fast enough and your blood becomes too diluted thus reducing the quantity of sodium in it.

So remember bodybuilders and athletes.. watch you water consumption and keep the drinking in normal barriers to prevent poisoning (intoxication).

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