How to Bench Tips and Common Mistakes


How to bench tips and common mistakesIf you don`t know how to bench properly and in order to correct your eventual common mistakes to improve muscle growth please read carefully this “How to bench tips and Common Mistakes” post.

  • Lack of over-all body tightness is one of the mistakes
  • Keep the bar in line with the wrist and elbows (tip)
  • Don’t push the bar off you. Push yourself away from the bar to bench better and grow muscle faster
  • Tighten your back (good how to bench tip, isn`t it? :D)
  • Get your upper back and core strength in line with your chest strength to allow for maximal strength and muscle growth through leg drive and the rest
  • If you lift it really fast, it’s not heavy and that`s a common mistake that a beginner does
  • If you bench too low on your chest stop doing it cause it`s another common mistake
  • Squeeze the butter out of the bar, it`s better when you bench
  • Full scapular retraction for more power and muscle!
  • Retract the scapulae. Don’t cock the wrists, cause that`s a common mistake too
  • Only bench once a week. No other training because overtraining will appear and that`s a big mistake, be patient, muscles grow slower! (tip)

  • Bench tips for muscle strength

  • Be tight from grip to heels
  • Don’t push the bar back, push the bar up. Straight up is a shorter distance than arcing back. Pushing the bar back is the best way to smash your teeth out so be carefull (good how to bench tip)
  • Technique first, weight second to avoid accidents
  • Actually let the spotter help you get the bar off the rack, or else you’ll lose tightness in your back (another good how to bench tip)
  • Tight setup, don`t tap dance your feet during the lift because concentration is crucial when building muscles
  • Crush the bar with your hands
  • Just keep pushing, no quitting early. Push until you lock it out, or your form breaks down. Follow the tip, it`s going to help
  • After reading these “How to Bench Tips and Common Mistakes” i hope that now, you understand the effective way to bench in order to improve the strength and appearance of your muscles.

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