Mickey Rourke`s Muscles: Steroids or Not?


The Wrestler SteroidsLet me begin today with a very short version of the movie “The Wrestler” that has love, pity, sadness, muscles, brute force and lots of injected or oral steroids: Years have passed since the glory of “The Ram”. The splendor, fame, fortune and applause have all faded away. Only the man behind the masked personality remains. Randy Robinson’s personal life is clouded with hard luck, personal demons, and the troubles of his past and present. Not all his battles are contained in the ring.

Mickey Rourke had a hard role to play and that was the role of an wrestler, a wrestler that once was very popular but now being a middle aged man, “The Ram” (Mickey Rourke) sees himself as a lonely person with no one in his life, just some muscles, steroids, a couple of old age wrestling matches and his blond long hair that he takes care of.. but those muscles are the subject of this post about Mickey Rourke and his steroid usage.

Mikey Rourke SteroidsIn the movie, after a heart attack in the midst of a hardcore match, on his successful and impressive come-back trail, the wrestling legend “The Ram” (Mickey Rourke) is firmly warned by a physician to make drastic changes. If Randy Robinson aka “The Ram” wants to continue living a longer period of time, he must abandon smoking, steroids and wrestling but he doesn`t on a short scale version!

The movie is very sad and gives you a perfect perspective upon life, steroid usage and hard, violent lifestyle. It is no doubt that Mickey Rourke worked hard for his role to gain that muscle mass. In fact, he had to train under ex-WWE wrestler Afa the Samoan.

As a answer for a question related to steroid usage, Mickey Rourke told the reporter:

“When I’m a wrestler, I behave like a wrestler.”

Later in the interview, Mickey Rourke said that he trained hard and did not use steroids or human growth hormones in order to improve his physical appearance meaning his muscles. He just used new heavy duty supplements. That is debatable though, if Mickey Rourke lied on steroid use or not, still Randy Robinson aka “The Ram” injected steroids in order to gain strength and muscles as seen in a video scene before training, in the locker room at the local gym, after buying some steroids from a friend that was also a steroid dealer.

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One Response to “Mickey Rourke`s Muscles: Steroids or Not?”

  • Henry Cavill says:

    Love love love the Immortals and think all of you all should check it out if you haven’t already all the guys from the movie are full of muscles built with workouts that u never heard before

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