Scott Adkins: Serious Muscle Workout


Yeah I think you all know Scott Adkins that played the role of Yuri Boyka in the series “Undisputed”. In those prison fights, Scott Adkins (Boyka) is a tough russian that kicks ass a lot but if you want to know how to get Scott’s muscles, you need to know that you can get them through resistance training and supersets as you can see in the video of him training for the movie “Undisputed 3” and I guess that I don`t have to explain anything because the video speaks for itself. Scott Adkins, in order to gain that size in muscle mass did something like this:

  • resistance training
  • kickboxing and mma lessons
  • medicine ball training
  • thug workout techniques or calisthenics
  • and a great deal of supersets

Scott adkins Muscle Workout

Scott Adkins muscle video workout

Hobbled by the knee injury suffered at the end of “Undisputed 2”, no longer the feared prison fighter he was, Boyka has declined so far that he is now good only for cleaning toilets despite his brute force and chiseled physique.

But when a new prison fight tournament begins, Yuri Boyka (Scott Adkins) must reclaim his dignity and fight for his position in the tournament imposing with his athletic figure and stamina.
Scott Adkins`s blu-ray cover for “Undisputed 3” release date in the U.S will be 1st June 2010

LATER EDIT 2017!!!: Now, after a long time, the next Undisputed IV is here! Yuri Boyka is bigger, better and stronger! Here is a new video with Scott Adkins training in mixed martial arts, doing crazy reverse kicks, 360 degree turning kicks, jump reverse kicks and much more!

If you enjoyed Scott Adkins’s workout for  Yuri Boyka in Undisputed, then feel free to visit Martyn Ford’s workout and diet plan for Koshmar role in Undisputed 4 ! Muscle gaining has never been more hardcore!

Photo Gallery With Scott Adkins (Boyka):

These photos (wallpapers) show Scott Adkins in scenes from “Undisputed 3” with a strong physique including those lean abs, triceps, biceps and chest :D. I like the result of your workout, Scott, nice muscles.

Scott Adkins Muscle
Muscle training for Boyka
Boyka in the cell
Boyka fights black guy

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16 Responses to “Scott Adkins: Serious Muscle Workout”

  • If only more people could hear these things about Scott Adkins and his workout..

  • Kenton Greer says:

    Super interesting article. Truely..

  • If I had a buck for every time I came to! Superb writing about scott adkins workout

  • Scott Adkins Fan says:

    Scott Adkins is so manly and i like his workout plan, big muscles in a mma/k1 fighter. The workout video and the photos from the movie undisputed 3 are great!

  • Eva Kurniela says:

    scott adkins has such a impressive body with big rounded muscles. It shows that he has a hard workout and that k1 training is awesome

  • Scott wife says:

    i love scott adkins he has a such a fighter face, angry agressive hard workout i must say


    after that hard training of scott adkins, in that serious workout regime for gaining muscles look at his typical diet: 3 meals a day with a health shake in between each meal and one before bed.
    Helikes his shakes but it is also easy with his schedule and he has always a fist size portion of carbs, vegetables and protein on his plate especially if scott adkins is training for a part.

  • aproswpos says:

    i would like to know if scott adkins was taking steroids?his whole body is perfect…

  • admin says:

    noo scott adkins just works out very hard and has a perfect diet.. it is possible when you have money 🙂

  • Oatmeal Fanatic says:

    scott adkins made me go training in a k1 training gym just because :D. I so want to achieve his body, his muscles, he’s a badass!!!

  • Jim Halpert says:

    scott adkins needs to get the role for boyka in undisputed 4 !!! i love him

  • Tae bo lover says:

    this is one of the most effective training workout and diet plan blog on the web. I’ll recommend this website to my friends and scott adkins kicks ass

  • Scott Adkins says:

    Thank you everyone for Commenting I have great fans and you will soon be seeing Undisputed 4

  • martin says:

    Scott Adkins works hard he is awesome he inspires me so much dude i love u ur the best and never give up!

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