Stretch marks in bodybuilding


Bodybuilding muscle stretch marksStretch marks are a form of scarring on the skin with reddish or purple lines. They are caused by tearing of the dermis, and over time can diminish but not disappear completely.

Stretch marks are often the result of the rapid stretching of the skin associated with rapid growth (common in puberty) or weight gain (muscle building, bodybuilding) or in some cases, severe pulling force on skin that overcomes the dermis’s elasticity.

In our case here where we discuss about bodybuilding, stretch marks are the result of packing on pounds of muscle (a happy problem), or just plain packing on pounds of fat.I think that you`re curious about the resulted stretch marks under your arms, particularly the pec/delt tie-in region where the upper chest and front shoulder muscles connect. This region is most susceptible, due to the rapid muscle growth there.

Remember that hormonal changes and genetics influence the skin’s capacity to withstand stretching forces, as do diet and exercise.

Symptoms and signs of stretch marks in bodybuilding

Stretch marks first appear as reddish or purple lines, but tend to gradually fade to a lighter range. The affected areas appear empty and are soft to the touch.
Don`t worry if you practice bodybuilding to gain some muscle and have stretch marks, there`s no problem besides the ugly appearance, because stretch marks do not compromise the body’s ability to function normally and repair itself.

Treatment for stretch marks in bodybuilding

They`re ugly ugly on your skin.. i know that, and you think that laser surgery treatment can repair them before summer or a competition to show off your muscles, but if the epidermis and the dermis has been penetrated, laser will not remove the stretch marks.

A surgical procedure for removing lower abdominal stretch marks is the tummy tuck, which removes the skin below the navel where stretch marks frequently occur.

Stretch Marks Remedy TreatmentFor bodybuilding when stretch marks occur you can try as a treatment some supplements into your diet with a good multi-vitamin/mineral quantity especially vitamin E (the vitamins will help your muscles too).

You can also try external remedies to improve even the skin`s appearance:vitamin E oil, stretch mark removal cream, coconut oil, butter lotion, olive oil remedy, aloe Vera, cocoa butter…

Don`t worry my friend, if you are into bodybuilding and train hard you are bound to get besides muscles some stretch marks so try to eat healthy, get plenty of vitamins and enjoy your life.

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7 Responses to “Stretch marks in bodybuilding”

  • Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

  • Protein is a must have that many don’t get enough of when trying to pack on the muscle. Thank you for a good posting

  • Layla says:

    How-do-you-do, just needed you to know I have added your site to my Google bookmarks because of your extraordinary data about stretch marks in bodybuilding. But seriously, I think your site has one of the freshest theme I’ve came across. It really helps make reading your blog a lot easier.

  • stretch skin Pablo says:

    i got stretch marks from using steroids and it was a ugly sight for my eyes.. still i don’t regret using steroids even with the pink stripes on my body

  • alyce tyler says:

    This is a common condition for bodybuilders – and is mostly due to your collagen and elastin can not cope with the increase in skin surface area – hence the term ‘ stretch marks’. Use the stretch mark treatment which is designed specifically for body builders and I aw at least 50-80% improvement within 3 months of using it.

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