A Clove of Garlic raises your Testosterone Levels


Garlic Increase testosterone level and muscleThe stinking rose, the garlic, has been shown to raise testosterone levels, a key hormone in muscle growth and strength. Garlic has an additional benefit because it lowers cortisol levels.

Cortisol is an catabolic hormone, an adversary of testosterone, as the two compete for the same growth-stimulating sites within muscle cells. Cortisol causes the breakdown of muscle protein. Since garlic stimulates testosterone and inhibits cortisol, it has great potential as an anabolic agent (just like steroids but with lower intensity)therefore making it easy for you to gain muscle mass.

Garlic is an excellent, although smelly, natural antimicrobial drug that can disable an unusually wide variety of infectious organisms like for example: roundworms, it is said that garlic kills them after a short diet with it.
Put garlic in your meals and you will see how the muscles just grow and grow :D, but be careful around the ladies!

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One Response to “A Clove of Garlic raises your Testosterone Levels”

  • Garlic eater says:

    I love your website! now after reading about what garlic can do to you i will try to eat each day a clove of garlic in order to raise my testosterone levels, tough luck for the ladies

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