Barbell and Dumbbell Rows to Build a Bigger Back


How to build big and thick back musclesRow Row Row your boat, let`s go down the sea.. what am i talking about here? Do you want a bigger and thicker back?

Try implementing some “rows” to your routine because building a great back without at least one rowing exercise in your routine it is not possible! Every type of row is a compound lift, which means it stresses numerous muscles simultaneously. Chin ups, pull downs and pullovers force you to do the former, and rowing emphasizes the latter. Due to the mechanics of these motions, the arms-overhead exercises tend to be better for width while rowing exercises are better for the thickness of the muscle.

Here are two popular options to help you build a bigger thicker back like a barn-door:

  • barbell rows for thick and bigger backBarbell Rows:Barbell rows require no more equipment than their name suggests, and yet they’re arguably the single best lift for building overall back muscle mass. Other rows provide better stretches and contractions at the back muscles, but this classic allows you to load on the free weight. To maximize the stretch, some trainers stand on a block, barbell plates or a bench. I don’t recommend standing on a bench; that is potentially dangerous for you, the performing of the rows and the act of balancing can hinder your performance thus reducing the efficiency of muscle growth. You may find it best to keep your feet on the floor and simply lean up slightly when doing barbell rows, so that the barbell plates stay elevated.
  • dumbbell rows for big and thicker backDumbbell Rows: Performed with one arm at a time, dumbbell rows are an excellent method of stretching the lats and building big, thick muscles at the back. Balance your nonworking arm and the corresponding knee on a bench or rack. Grasp a dumbbell and keep your torso nearly parallel with the floor. Pull the dumbbell up to your side until the weight touches your rib cage. Let the dumbbell travel slightly forward at the stretch of each rep to maximize the pull. These are the dumbbell rows! Do an equal number of reps and sets for each side with these dumbbell rows in order to build those out of dream thick muscles.
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    5 Responses to “Barbell and Dumbbell Rows to Build a Bigger Back”

  • training my back says:

    Aw, this was a truly high quality post about how to build that bigger bacl you always want using rows .. . In theory I’d like to write like this as well – getting time and true work to make a good post.. i will try more dumbbell rows, even barbell rows

  • Muscle Submarine says:

    I’m glad I found your site through google , i knew that barbell and dumbbell rows build a bigger and thicker back but i needed more information about how the muscle works and how the rows are done properly, thx

  • physical therapist says:

    Valuable info. Lucky me I found your site by accident, I bookmarked it.

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