Dental Caries or Tooth Decay in Bodybuilding


tooth decay in bodybuilding

Dental caries (tooth decay) can affect your heart if you keep them untreated and can destroy your dream to become the best bodybuilder, so goodbye bodybuilding. If you have dental caries (tooth decay), the gums become more sensitive, they bleed and bacteria reaches the arteries.

Once bacteria from the dental caries (tooth decay) gets into the blood, it weakens the heart and leads to diseases like endocarditis or myocarditis and if you get one of these diseases from the dental caries (tooth decay) you should know that strong effort in the gym it is not recommended..

So bodybuilding and building big muscles are out of the question because your heart gets very stimulated during training with very heavy weights thus leading to its failure if you have a disease like endocarditis or myocarditis due to dental caries (tooth decay).

Do visit your dentist once at 6 months!

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3 Responses to “Dental Caries or Tooth Decay in Bodybuilding”

  • snmaster.idx says:

    I don’t usually post but I enjoyed your blog a lot,Thanks alot for the great read and i will be careful with my dental caries.. tooth decay is bad for bodybuilding, keep up the good work

  • paul larin says:

    Great, I never knew these things about dental caries that can make problems at the gums and bacteria that goes into the blood and can cause endocarditis, myocarditis. i will be much carefull with my tooth cause decay can ruin my life in a few words. Still bodybuilding is great and i like my muscles!

  • physical therapist says:

    Great site. A lot of useful information here about tooth decay or dental caries in bodybuilding side effects. I’m sending it to some friends!

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