HotForWords and the Origin of the Word Muscle


Hotforwords about musclesI think a great majority of people know this sexy blonde “teacher” from youtube with the nickname HotForWords. Yeah.. after listening at what she said i found the subject interesting: Muscles!

Or at least i tried to focus on what HotForWords with the real name Marina Orlova says there in that video because.. that blonde girl HotForWords has a big rack i mean huge breasts, tits whatever 🙂 as you can see in the video from the post (she looks like a pornstar.. or at least like she did some softcore porn). Anyway, returning to the subject of the day MUSCLES, i will quote what HotForWords says in that video from youtube named “Look At My Muscles” that gathered 2,866,829 vidaews till now, almost 3 million views on youtube!!! (probably from that constant zoom on her tits).

“Gymbo (from bimbo) is a guy who works out in the gym non stop to build up his muscles. Let`s think about the origin of the word muscle, why is a muscle called a muscle? So HotForWords investigates!

Muscle comes to us from the french word muscle or muscule meaning physical strength and that word comes to us from the latin word musculus or mus meaning mouse 😐 mouse?? that little.. yeah! ha, why would muscle be derived from the word mouse? Let`s look further!

To understand this you need to lift up your sleeve to expose your biceps and when you bend your arm and make a muscle, you`ll notice that your biceps move a bit and it looks like there is something moving under there. It almost looks like a little mouse riding along underneath your skin so they decided to name the thing moving underneath your skin a mouse.. cause that what the muscle looked like when you`re flexing it, right? 😀 Pretty crazy, so the next time you encounter a goon trying to intimidate you with his big muscles just look at them as little mice and there you go, another mistery solved by the trusty HotForWords

Here is the video from HotForWords on youtube, watch it and enjoy!

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2 Responses to “HotForWords and the Origin of the Word Muscle”

  • Muscle Classic says:

    i didn`t know the origin of the word muscle till now 😐 … hotforwords is so hot i want that girl to explain me some other origins :))

  • Blondes don't know math says:

    thanks to the blonde bimbo, now i know the origin of the word muscle :))

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