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HotForWords and the Origin of the Word Muscle

I think a great majority of people know this sexy blonde "teacher" from youtube with the nickname HotForWords. Yeah.. after listening at what she said i found the subject interesting: Muscles!Or at least i tried to focus on what HotForWords with the real name Marina Orlova says there in that video because.. that blonde girl HotForWords has a big rack i mean huge breasts, tits whatever :) as you can see in the video from the post (she looks like a pornstar.. or at least like she did some softcore...

Shin Splints, Severe Muscle Pain

A friend of mine told me that, after running for a while his shins started to hurt pretty bad with a combination of tightness,ache and numbness all together. He even stopped running due to the shin hurting so bad. He asked me: Is there anything I can do to reduce the pain from those shin splints (stretching, massage, etc)? Will running with smaller steps decrease the shin splints from hurting this much? Well.. it depends on the severity of that "ouchhh my shin hurts!!", although you shou...

Ludacris- Undisputed ft. Floyd Mayweather

Ludacris- Undisputed Today i`m introducing Ludacris, Bam Bam, and Floyd Money Mayweather from the boxing stage. They will be the main characters in this muscle pumping workout song named Undisputed just like in the movie. Enjoy the video fresh out of youtube!

Reduce or Remove the Fat from Big Thighs!

Well let me begin today`s topic about reducing or even removing the fat from big fat fatty fat fat thighs with a dynamic approach :D cause summer is here and you need to remove the fat very fast. I think you`re wondering about how to lose that fat from your thighs asking a lot of people this question: "I've got big thighs... what is the best exercise to burn the fat from them?"Well the answer is simple as eating a donut! You have to exercise and do cardio a lot in order to remove the fat from yo...

Hot and Sexy Shemuscle Photo

Just gaze upon that shemuscle photo.. see the lines.. the curves.. the muscles!! Hot and sexy girls these shemuscle arren`t they? The black & white photos are taken with top fitness women in their hotel room before competitions. Hmm, sexy word "shemuscle" :D

Barbecued Italian Sausage and Bean Salad

Recipe of the day: Barbecued italian sausage and bean salad Barbecued italian sausage and bean salad is a high protein recipe to grow your muscles with. Ingredients for Barbecued Italian Sausage and Bean Salad: 600g Italian sausages 350g trimmed small green beans 400g can with drained, rinsed cannellini beans 4 vine-ripened tomatoes, cut into wedges 1/3 cup flat-leaf parsley leaves, roughly chopped 1/4 cup olive oil 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar crusty Italian-style bread,...

Weezer- Hash Pipe

Weezer- Hash PipeAnother energy thrilling song for your workout to get you pumped up. The sumo wrestlers are funny ant they start to sing too :) (they don`t have muscles, just fat).

Bottled Water with High Bacterial Rates in Canada

More than 70 per cent of bottled water samples from Canada contain bacterial rates that far exceed recommended limits in the U.S., suggests a study at a general meeting of the American Society of Microbiology in San Diego. Montreal-based C-crest Laboratories Inc. conducted the research after a company employee complained of a foul taste and illness after drinking some bottled water that had high bacterial rates. The U.S. bacterial limit isn`t bigger than 500 colony-forming units of bacteria p...

Megan Fox`s Bikini Abs on the Beach

Megan Fox shows off her awesome bikini body while soaking in the sun in Maui. Megan Fox was spotted on the beach with her shirtless boyfriend, actor Brian Austin Green. By the way Megan has a tattoo with his name, Brian. :D Megan Fox showed off her “six pack” abs in those bikini and that “Brian” tattoo. She really has a sick stomach! The Brian tattoo

Susanne Niederhauser

Susanne Niederhauser is another female bodybuilder with well sculpted muscles as you can see in the photos from the gallery and she decided to enter a gym together with her older brother Dieter at the age of 17. Actually Susanne Niederhauser was looking for a hobby as a change to the office job. Susanne was fascinated looking at photos with the trained bodies of "Anja Langer" and Cory Everson" from the beginning. When Susanne Niederhauser watched the first competition in autumn 1987 she knew tha...