Arnold Schwarzenegger Admitted Steroid Usage


Arnold`s statements about steroid usage

Statements from Arnold Schwarzenegger himself about steroid usage during a period of time.

  • 1974 Arnold Schwarzenegger on steroid usage: “I take steroids because they help me an extra 5 percent. Women take the (contraception) pill. They are somewhat similar. I do it under a doctor’s supervision.”
  • 1977 Arnold Schwarzenegger on steroid usage: “Yes I have used steroids, but no, they didn’t make me what I am. Anabolic steroids were helpful to me in maintaining muscle size while on a strict diet in preparation for a contest.”
  • 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger on steroid usage: “I don’t worry about it, because I never took an overdosage.”

Schwarzenegger steroid usage

  • 1992 Arnold Schwarzenegger on steroid usage: “In those days you didn’t have to deal with the black market when you needed steroids. You could go to your physician and just say, ‘Listen, I want to gain some weight, and I want to take something.’ Then the physician would say, ‘Do it six weeks before competition, then it will be safe.’ And that’s what you would do. The steroid dosage that was taken then versus taken now by bodybuilders is not even 10 percent. It’s probably 5 percent.”
  • 1996 Arnold Schwarzenegger on steroid usage: “I used steroids. It was a risky thing to do, but I have no regrets. It was what I had to do to compete. The danger with steroids is overusage. I only did it before a difficult competition – for two months, but not for a period of time that could harm me. And then afterward, it was over. I would stop. I have no health problems, no kidney damage or anything like that from using steroids.”
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One Response to “Arnold Schwarzenegger Admitted Steroid Usage”

  • Fitness Guru says:

    we all know that schwarzenegger used steroids and it’s a good thing that he admited that thing, at least arnold is not an hypocrite

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