Carrot Top Muscles and Rumoured Steroid Usage


Carrot top with musclesScott Thompson aka The Juicer or The Steroid Comedian Guy was born on 25 February 1965 in Rockledge, Florida, U.S.A . Scott Thompson is better known by his stage name Carrot Top and he`s an American comedian known for his bright red hair, prop comedy and often self-deprecating humor.

In 2001 Carrot Top (Scott Thompson) started lifting weights that sport being called bodybuilding and morphed from a scrawny little dork into a brawny effeminate fruit that seems to use some steroids.

What do you think about Carrot Top and his rumoured steroid usage?

You can really say that Carrot Top is the steroid topic of the century because he went from a weak tiny guy to a buff muscular bodybuilder! I`m not saying that you can`t get big muscles but look at the shape of his body.. it looks so unnatural the way how Carrot Top`s shoulders look, they seem to be injected with synthol or if the bones from the deltoids grew so much then i might suggest HGH (Human Growth Hormone) just like Sylvester Stallone used (at least he admitted)..

Carrot top muscles with steroids HGHCarrot Top`s face is so stretched and otherly ugly, disgusting despite of what people say about his plastic surgery on the face, the jaw bone has grew in a visible way so that`s why i`m inclined to say that Carrot Top used steroids much more precisely HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and Carrot Top went from 140 lbs -150 lbs to a lean roughly 190 lbs.

In my opinion, if Carrot Top used steroids without thinking only to become like a freak he has only done something desperate like a vain call of: “Look at me, i exist!”

And here are some photos in a short gallery of the supposed steroids user, Carrot Top:

Carrot Top muscles
Carrot Top sun tan
carrot top with rabbit
carrot top and rabbit
basketball carrot top
carrot top`s tongue sexy
carrot top and muscles
carrot top chest muscle

carrot top biceps with steroids
carrot top smile
sailor tank top carrot
carrot top muscles

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6 Responses to “Carrot Top Muscles and Rumoured Steroid Usage”

  • Steroid Hater says:

    omg carrot top is so ugly i can see the steroids popping out from his veins. Disgusting

  • GInger Loves Cookies says:

    carrot top was ugly before his surgery but what can i say now about him, he’s a freak on steroids

  • Tim says:

    Hello! Someone in my Myspace group shared this website with us so I came to give it a look. It seems that Carrot Top is full of roids!!

  • Stangfreak says:

    Back in the day, Carrot Top was funny and sorta fun to watch. Sure looks like his money went straight to his empty head. Or should I say body and face?
    Another Michael Jackson “FREAK” you can’t stand to look at. Absolutely “SICKENING” What’s real and what aint???

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