How to shape muscles myths


shape biceps or shape pecsWhat exercise can i do to make my biceps look sharper, or what exercise can i do to make my lower pec to give that massive drooping slab of pectoral muscle?

Well these are really just “how to shape muscles myths”

The truth is you can`t shape muscles, you can only make the whole muscle bigger or smaller, to quote a fitness expert:

A muscle is just like a rubber band, it provides a pulling motion between its two attach points.

You can make that muscle bigger or smaller with exercise but you can`t change its shape despite that myth, here it`s all about genetics and that`s why some people’s biceps are shaped like bananas and other people`s biceps are shaped like baseballs.

If you really want to try and fool genetics forget about the “how to shape muscles myths” and try some isolation exercises that can exercise one muscle and make it bigger while leaving the surrounding muscles unchanged leaving the impression of a more shaped muscle.

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2 Responses to “How to shape muscles myths”

  • Sammy Boy says:

    i don t think those are myths i would love to shape my muscles… i m a skinny guy and i`m in desperate need for some muscle mass with or without steroids

  • Pastel Meilee says:

    i hate these gym myths ! You just have to train hard and diet a lot if you want to see results, stop listening to the douches from the gym

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