Muscle Turns To Fat Myth From Gyms


Myth about muscle and fat in gyms“Bodybuilding is bad for you what do you realize when working out? If you stop working out the muscle turns into fat!”

This statement is ridiculous just like saying to a professional race car driver that the engine from his car will attack him 😐 or whatever, you understand the analogy i hope :). There is no biological pathway for muscle to “turn into fat” but like all myths, this one has a grain of truth.

  • if you stop working out you lose strength and muscle mass, and that`s a fact.
  • exercise uses calories, if you stop working out and don’t decrease your food intake then you get fat.
  • Put those two facts together and you`ll see why this myth got started. Making matters worse is that many bodybuilders thrive on the monthly gains and the endorphins produced so when they stop, mild depression can set in. Many people overeat when depressed, making the transition from muscular stud to obesity quite rapidly.

    Let`s put aside the muscle turns into fat myth and talk about something that concludes to the same myth.

    When a steroid user gets injured (because of the rapid muscle growth, the addiction installed and the steroid-induced aggressiveness), his life can be destroyed because of the depression caused by the steroid withdrawal, depression caused by the fact that they cant work out and becoming something like the two facts stated up about the strength, muscle mass, and muscle turn into fat myth.

    They continue to eat just as much (or more because of the depression) but don’t exercise and they rapidly get fat. This is one of the subtle problems with steroids that is related with the muscle turns into fat myth.

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