“One and a Half” Method for huge Biceps


 one and a half method 21 reps “One and a Half” method is a substitute for the “21 reps” method in which you perform the top half of a rep seven times, then the bottom half seven times, then finish with seven full reps to ensure maximum growth for you biceps.

With this “One and a Half” method, you follow each full rep with a half rep. The goal is to experience a maximum burn in your targeted muscles meaning in your case the biceps when using the “One and a Half” method. Let me explain how to do this for these muscles called biceps. On a set of standing barbell or dumbbell curls, follow every full rep with one in which you go only halfway up or halfway down. When you use this technique for your biceps, make sure that you perform every half rep very slowly and strictly.

You will try to cheat the full reps up at the end of the set because of the pain in your biceps but you will love it when you`ll have huge biceps form this “One and a Half” method.

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