Overweight and out of shape trainers in gyms


Fat trainers in gymI have always believe that the best way to learn how to proper workout and keep a proper diet is through experience in time. To me, exercise and nutrition are very important. When I see a fitness trainer that is extremely overweight or out of shape, I question how they could understand what it really takes to have healthier lifestyle. Fitness trainers gained enough knowledge and information from text sources to have an idea but, to me, without experiencing it from day to day, you can never truly understand what it takes to be a great bodybuilder with lean muscle mass .. fat free!

The potential personal trainer possess some sort of legitimate certification in order to prove that he is qualified to train your body to the limits in order to build that perfect physique but some of them are really overweight or out of shape.

Does it matter if your fitness trainer is overweight or out of shape?
In my opinion it matters because in most cases if the trainer is lean and has well defined muscles all the people come to him, but it depends on the audience of fitness trainers.. If you seek a personal, fitness trainer to get stronger you would be inclined to listen to a big, overweight, no-necked powerlifter and if you want a athletic body you would listen to a fitness trainer that looks like a Ken doll :D.

Oh well you can`t put your fitness trainers on steroids and give them a strict diet 🙂 they do what they want with their bodies.

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One Response to “Overweight and out of shape trainers in gyms”

  • Skinny Hardgainer says:

    i don’t believe in fat personal trainers because they’re fat!

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