Shake Weight is a Piece of Crap and a Lie!


Shake weight miracle lie bullshitWhen i saw the commercial for shake weight i was just saying to myself: “It`s just a joke!!!” i mean.. that thing the shake weight thing looks and behaves like a big dildo with stupid vibration that makes other people laugh, how the heck can someone do that shake weight instead of jogging or anything else? Women are just lazy and want to be beautiful without exercise and proper nutrition!!!

In the ad for shake weight there is something like this:”If your arms aren’t on fire after just 6 minutes, return the Shake Weight® for a 100% refund of EVERY dime you paid – we’ll even pay to take it back! “;
How stupid can you be to believe that bullshit?

Of course your arms will be on fire after 6 minutes of intense movement using the shake weight if you don`t exercise at all and that`s your first time, i mean d`ohhhhhhh even masturbation makes your hands sore if you do it after a while of break :|.

Ladies, stick with the old exercises, eat healthy and forget about that shake weight miracle lie! (and by the way, those girls in the commercial for shake weight train intensely in the gym to look as best as they can for that kind of commercials because they are MODELS and they are needed only when the body is in great shape and looks good, omg just forget about that shake weight !!!!!!!)

Shake Weight Commercial video

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3 Responses to “Shake Weight is a Piece of Crap and a Lie!”

  • Lisa Narrings says:

    shake weight is bull all those money spent on useless junk

  • Danny Devito says:

    it really is a piece of crap, shake weight is just a scam to get more money out of fat people that dream about a simple miracle to burn fat

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