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How to Eat Less Fat Meals In Restaurants

A typical restaurant meal contains more fat than a normal meal does. Restaurants are serving even larger portions of super unhealthy bad food to make customers start eating out again.With a few modifications, many meals from the menu can be transformed into healthful choices. Tell the server from the restaurant that you’re on a diet or you’re counting your calories, and ask what`s the healthiest thing from the menu! The server from the restaurant will not be very precise or accurate with those f...

50 Cent Feat Eminem- Psycho

50 Cent Feat Eminem- PsychoWorkout song from the hood babe deep inside youtube :D, 50 cent is a psycho !!! 50`ll come back stronger and angry, he`s got his knife on and he kills you, like the lyrics say, nice to see Eminem in this song too. Push your limits in the gym!!!

Fierce MMA Fighters With Lean Muscle Fiber

Mma strength training is one of the best natural ways that help people meet their weight loss goals, gain strength and become more fierce and more powerful from the core. Wanna see some photos with fierce mma fighters that really do have lean muscle fiber? Well if the answer is no i`m still showing you those photos with mma fighters :D It seems that from the photos, mma fighters have muscles that are about to pop out through the skin! :D

Street Fight Game Online With Obama And Hillary

Hi everybody, if you always wanted to beat Hillary or Obama.. now is you chance in a online street fight game! Play this online game and have fun, street fight till someone dies :D, boxing, mma, k1 rules don`t apply here in the online street fight game to the death.. Ready? FIGHT!Online Street Fight Game With Obama and Hillary

Birdman – Pop Bottles ft. Lil Wayne

Birdman - Pop Bottles ft. Lil WayneOmg this rap song from Birdman and Lil Wayne just makes me wanna` work out all day long, i`m just full of energy listening to this workout song, Pop Bottles! Read the full article for a small bonus!Bonus Lyrics For Birdman - Pop Bottles ft. Lil WayneChomp with straight shots and then pop bottles, (yea) Flirt with the hood rats thin pop models, (uh huh) Chomp with straight shots and then pop bottles, (yea) Flirt with the hood rats thin pop models, [Birdman] ...

What Age of Children is Good for Weight Training in Gyms?

With all the youth including adolescents and children under the age of 18 belonging to different health clubs in America trying to get some muscle mass on their body, the question is at what age should those children and adolescents begin weight training? The concern is that youth who weight train at a early age may injure their growth plates and that is the problem, the end of the growing bone. So then at what age should youth including children and adolescents weight train to get muscles...

Shemuscle of the day, Kristal!

Kristal has a impressive lean physique with perfect curves of the body, tiny waist and defined arms. Kristal can really get bigger and have a strong muscle body like a real sexy shemuscle!

Winstrol from Nutri-Vet called Ultra Winny

Did you know about Nutri-Vet and their two Winstrol products that are on the black market of steroids in Mexico? The products are both called Ultra Winny and as i mentioned they`re both derived from Winstrol substance.. steroid-ish isn`t it? :D The first is an oral steroid product, which contains a incredible 50 mg (not 5 mg) tablet dose. Each bottle of oral Ultra Winny derived from Winstrol contains 100 tablets, which gives 5000 mg of steroid, or the equivalent of 2500 tablets of Spanish Zam...

Usher – OMG (Oh My Gosh Feat.

Usher - OMG (Oh My Gosh Feat. A nice workout song for the girls in the gym.. it`s good for fitness so jump up girls hold your hands in the air and work your muscles on this funky rhythm from Usher :D

Squirrel on Steroids Funny Picture

Picture yourself a squirrel with muscles on steroids.. can`t? Well take a look here and amuse yourself, nice effects aren`t they? Well that photo with the squirrel on steroids it`s made probably in photoshop and if you look at the details you can see that in the picture the body of a bodybuilder has some effects of fur and instead of his head, the photoshoper has put a squirrel head.. hmm no! The body of the bodybuilder is put on a normal photo of a squirrel leaving just the head and tail ohh bu...