Muscle Mass and Body Changes can affect Tattoos


tattoos and muscle gainOne of the most dramatic modifications of the body that can affect your fresh tattoo is the gain or loss of weight that including muscle gain from strength training more precisely bodybuilding. If you have tattoos, or are thinking of getting one, these changes of the body with the weight and muscle loss or gain need to be taken into consideration as how they may affect your ink from the tattoo and the disproportions that can appear.

  • Weight Loss and Tattoos
  • Weight Gain and Tattoos
  • Muscle Gain and Tattoos

Weight Loss and Tattoos

Depending on how much weight you lose, it may or may not affect your ink from the tattoo.With these body changes if they`re even big there will be just a slight shrinking of the tattoo and usually it won’t change the appearance much at all, unless the tattoo was too detailed from the beginning. Lines that run too closely together could theoretically blend and cause a distorted image, but this is a very rare occurrence in the cases of tattoos.

muscle gain fat and tattoosThe single possible exception to the above rule for tattoos would be drastic weight loss over a short period of time, such as from bariatric surgery or illness that can also reduce your muscles, which results in areas of sagging skin like obese people that get suddenly skinny. If a tattoo resides in an area where the skin is sagging from the body changes, obviously it will also affect the appearance of the tattoo itself.

Weight Gain and Tattoos

Weight gain is like weight loss as body changes for the tattoo so don`t worry so much but the problem with weight gain, though, is the possibility of stretch marks. If you get stretch marks in an area where you have a tattoo, it will ruin your ink and these are the worst body changes. The deeper the stretch marks are, the worse the damage will be for the tattoo and it is irreversible also affecting your self esteem thus having problems when working out.. decrease of energy, lack of bla bla u know what i m yapping about 😀

muscle mass affects tattoosMuscle Gain and Tattoos

If you’re working out and growing muscles a bit, it shouldn’t affect your tattoo at all. But if you’re doing heavy weightlifting for significant muscle mass gain, this could cause a problem for a tattoo in that area. The better the placement of the tattoo in relation to the muscle, the less chance of distorting the image as a result of muscle bulge or other body changes. If you’re already a weight lifter and have achieved your optimum muscle mass, getting a tattoo shouldn’t cause any issues but don`t stop weightlifting cause the tattoo will shrink a little. The only thing you’ll want to be careful about is working out while you’re healing a new tattoo.

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One Response to “Muscle Mass and Body Changes can affect Tattoos”

  • Tattoo freak says:

    i didn`t know that weight loss, weight gain and muscle gain can affect tattoos. I will be carefull in the future with my tattoos thanks a lot for the advice on tattoos and muscle development

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