What Age of Children is Good for Weight Training in Gyms?


young girl weight training kettlebellWith all the youth including adolescents and children under the age of 18 belonging to different health clubs in America trying to get some muscle mass on their body, the question is at what age should those children and adolescents begin weight training?

The concern is that youth who weight train at a early age may injure their growth plates and that is the problem, the end of the growing bone.

So then at what age should youth including children and adolescents weight train to get muscles?

  • Girls in preteen period as children 10 years old
  • Boys in preteen period as children growing up to be adolescents 😀 12 years old
  • If they`re old enough they can start strength training doing push-ups, sit-ups and similar exercises to improve their physique and muscles. Children can focus on weight training using free weights and/or machines, not the regular gym stuff. These are good ages to begin weight training so that concern of the injury to the growth plates may not be necessary. As far as injuries are concerned the same reasons that may cause a injury to an adult can result an injury for adolescents and children as well like getting muscles.. work out and u will get them, don`t and you will not have the muscles that u dreamed of.

    young boy weight training

    Some reasons of injury are:

  • lifting too heavy
  • lifting without proper supervision
  • using improper technique

  • A word of caution to youth.. many times youth (children, adolescents) focus on developing muscle mass by bodybuilding, understand that youth (children, adolescents) don`t possess the hormones that are necessary to produce that muscle mass, so it is best to lift high reps and not heavy for starters! Boys who haven’t entered puberty would not really benefit from weight training because their body lacks those androgens necessary to gain lean muscle.

    An adolescent who is going to start a weight training program should not just jump into a hardcore adult workout. The central nervous system in young athletes is still developing so their coordination and balance are not going to be as capable as in adults. So instead of focusing maximum weight or the number of lifts, the emphasis should be on executing proper form like i said earlier in the post in order to grow those muscles.

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