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Spinach And Rice For Growing Muscles

Recipe of the day: Spinach And Rice This spinach and rice recipe is quite simple to make and it`s full of vitamins, carbs, has a low calorie intake and a little dash of proteins. Ingredients for Spinach and Rice Recipe:1/3 cup rice, cooked 3 tablespoons low-fat cottage cheese 1 egg white, beaten until fluffy 2 teaspoon chopped fresh parsley to give flavour to the spinach and rice recipe 2 teaspoons chopped fresh dill Dash of pepper 2 cups fresh spinach, chopped 3 teaspoon whole...


BBSR - Lamborghini OFFICIAL VIDEOWorkout song for everybodyyyy lamborghini theme! :D

Ronnie Coleman Huge Biceps Workout Routine

Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman the Routine Man who entered a record 15 Mr. Olympia and won a record tying eight contests celebrates this year his third anniversary of his last Mr. Olympia appearance and the fifth anniversary of his last Mr. Olympia win. Ronnie Coleman has a lot of bodybuilding fans and those were many even for the simple fact that Ronnie has huge bulking biceps. Now i will show you what makes Ronnie Coleman`s biceps training unique and i will show you even a typical biceps workou...

Third Breast in a Bodybuilding Contest

Female bodybuilder Lindsay Smith has decided to get 3 breast implants instead of 2 :| .. yes that is weird i know but.. it reminds me of the movie Total Recall in wich Arnold Schwarzenegger had the leading role :|. Well i guess that`s the analogy Arnold Schwarzenegger has Muscles - Third Breasted (boobs) Woman is in a movie with him -Three Breasts (boobs) Model Lindsay Smith enters Fitness, Bodybuilding Contest.Lindsay Smith also told the press that she will change her name into Lindsay Milkwago...

Important Announcement About Muscle.Iuhu.Org

Well, hello dear readers! I must say that i`m so happy that you read my blog daily and i`m glad that you enjoy my articles.. sadly, i have to leave for some time in a place that i can`t have too often access to a computer and i will try to make some articles and schedule them to appear on the blog automatically with the passing of the time. The articles will be in a number of 3-4 per week and i will get home in one month. Bare with me and please check out the archives for a great variety of a...

DMX – Ruff Ryders’ Anthem (Muscle Video)

DMX - Ruff Ryders' Anthem (Muscle Video) Omg this is so good, old song from DMX for the guys from Ruff Ryders!! In this video you can see the real hard muscles of passionate men that want to develop a great physique with bulking muscles or lean muscle mass.You can also check the THUG WORKOUT MOVIE HARDCORE RUFF RYDERS if you want to see how the Ruff Ryders members grow their muscles.

50 Cent in High School Photo

I`ve just stumbled across a photo with 50 Cent when he was in high school, he was so skinny!!! Now look at him a big boy with muscles oooo sorry forgot about the movie with the diet from another post 50 Cent Starving For a Role In A Movie. Anyway this is the photo..

How to do Proper Romanian Deadlifts

The Romanian deadlift is commonly used by Olympic Weightlifters as we all know. This Romanian variation puts more emphasis on the hamstrings, glutes and back.Instructions to do proper Romanian DeadliftsPreparation for Romanian DeadliftsGrasp barbell from rack or deadlift from floor with shoulder width to wide overhand grip. Stand with shoulder width or narrower stance.Proper Execution of Romanian DeadliftsLower bar to top of feet by bending hips. Bend knees during descent and keep waist straigh...