Third Breast in a Bodybuilding Contest


third boob into bodybuilding contestFemale bodybuilder Lindsay Smith has decided to get 3 breast implants instead of 2 😐 .. yes that is weird i know but.. it reminds me of the movie Total Recall in wich Arnold Schwarzenegger had the leading role :|. Well i guess that`s the analogy Arnold Schwarzenegger has Muscles – Third Breasted (boobs) Woman is in a movie with him -Three Breasts (boobs) Model Lindsay Smith enters Fitness, Bodybuilding Contest.

Lindsay Smith also told the press that she will change her name into Lindsay Milkwagons (get it? milk wagons? :D). Now that`s strange and cute to have three breasts, bodybuilding is about aesthetics, and maybe the third breast would add some points to the scorecard of Lindsay Smith!

Woman with three breasts from the movie Total Recall

three breasted lady from movie total recall

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