Exercises to Grow Bigger Neck Muscles


exercises for big neck musclesIf you`ve seen on people the shoulders, neck, back and chest give the massive appearance of a man so the neck shouldn`t be neglected because you can`t have a huge bulking body with strong muscles with a pipe that sustains the head :).

If you want a stronger and bigger neck for bodybuilding or contact sports you can try one of these exercises to enlarge the muscles from it.

Exercises to Grow Bigger Neck Muscles

The Bridge
Calisthenic exercise that will work all your neck muscle groups.
Lying on your stomach, tripod up into an arch so that your weight is supported by your legs and your neck. From that position, roll forward, back, to the left, to the right, and to the diagonal directions, all on your neck. If necessary, balance yourself on your hands but be carefull, exercising the neck can be a dangerous procedure. Consult your doctor if you are unsure of the safety of these exercises. If you feel pain in the neck, stop exercising, put some ice, and contact a doctor!

strong neck exercisesShoulder/Military Press
Standing, or sitting with your body vertical (this exercise is most effective for your neck when you are standing straight or sitting up straight), take a pair of weights, kettlebell or a dumbbell and start by holding them at shoulder height, and then push them straight into the air, until your arms are fully extended.
From that position you can do shoulder flies too. Try to use some kettlebells or dumbbells holding them to your sides when doing this exercise for the neck. Keep the hands straight but a little contracted to avoid injury to the joints and after that lift them straight up and to the side until the weights are level with your shoulders or even higher. From there, return them to the sides and repeat till you do at least 8 reps for maximum growth at the neck muscles.

Neck Crunches
Lying on your back, contract the front neck muscles and lift your head up off the ground and into the air. Keep your eyes focused on the ceiling and do at least 20 reps per set.

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  • Trevor Gimble says:

    This can be a good blog. Maintain up all the function of my neck muscles, they`re growing bigger and bigger

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