How Much Money or Cash Does a Pro Bodybuilder Earn?


bodybuilder earns sponsors cash money Well if you`re interested with the subject “how much cash, dollars, money does a pro bodybuilder earn?” you may sit comfortable in your chair and start reading! I will try to avoid individual cases but i will use some of them to make you a picture of how much money a pro bodybuilder can earn.

Short plan on how can a pro bodybuilder earn some decent cash

  • it is possible, but difficult except at the highest level (Mr. Olympia etc.), to earn a reasonable income purely from competition winnings.
  • a particular bodybuilder can be sponsored by local companies and supplement manufacturers to earn some cash by representing their company
  • bodybuilders can and do use their fame and knowledge to start high level personal training or opening their own fitness centers
  • guest posing and appearances also help bodybuilders to earn cash and make a decent income

The main drawbacks for a bodybuilders income:

  • huge amount of money spent on food, because a bodybuilder needs lean meat, poultry, fresh vegetables, eggs and natural sources always cost more than supermarket wrapped things!
  • the same with steroids, huge amount of money spent on steroids compared with what you earn, because if you want to compete as a pro bodybuilder, baby you don`t stand a chance without them

From the 1000 dollars that Larry Scott won in 1966 for his Mr. Olympia win to the topped total prize from 2006 that was around a “small amount” of 1.6 million dollars, everybody won something !
The truth is that only the top tier bodybuilders make a decent living because it`s not about how good you are as a bodybuilder (when you want to earn some money) but how well you take advantage of the posibility of selling your image.

High contest placings mean more exposure for yourself thus meaning more publicity!


high placings for sponsors and moneyJay Cutler makes about as much as Ronnie Coleman, maybe even more because he invests his money wisely in real estate and many other business ventures. Jay Cutler the pro bodybuilder earns top dollars even from the fact that he sells himself to any supplement company with a dollar for him like Muscletech but this company pays its athletes more than other companies and that`s a good thing for Jay Cutler, a pro bodybuilder that earns millions per year.

There are many other examples of pro bodybuilders that earn a lot of money but the money isn`t necessarily from competing.

The higher the placings you get in bodybuilding competitions, the more you will get noticed. It`s what you do with that exposure (publicity) that makes a difference in how well you live off bodybuilding and how much cash you can earn out of this sport.

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6 Responses to “How Much Money or Cash Does a Pro Bodybuilder Earn?”

  • Filio Ramadanovic says:

    that`s a lot of money for a bodybuilder, still cash is hard to obtain even as a bodybuilder

  • Alejandro Demaine says:

    i hope someone from my gym will earn that kind of money in bodybuilding

  • Pro bodybuilder earning says:

    so the main drawback of a bodybuilderd income is the excessive tratement for massages and diets maybe even steroid diets but a pro bodybuilder can also earn a lot of money from ads and stuff like that, got it, thanks

  • Jarred Broderick says:

    I heard that some bodybuilders do have normal jobs for maintaining their diet and steroid money. Other bodybuilders try to video chat or some of them even make porn movies for extra income. What can i say, human growth hormone is expensive!

  • Alfonso Smith says:

    I still am amazed how they manage to make so much money for HGH which is very expensive… thousands of dollars spent only on steroids! Bodybuilding if not neglected, can be a very easy money making career

  • Andrea Lopez says:

    I always wondered how those bodybuilders could afford those expensive cars like mercedes, hummers and other big SUVs. It seems that publicity is the mother of making money for them.

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